LLB at Shoolini University is a three-year undergraduate course encompassing various aspects of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and law. Students pursuing LLB can choose from criminal or civil law, depending upon their area of interest. The course provides a systematic understanding of the judiciary, the executive, and the legislation. This degree not only provides a mode of employment, but it also inspires students to be more responsible towards the society.

Experienced professors of the Faculty of Legal Sciences design the curriculum to explicate the concepts of healthcare and environment laws, intellectual property rights (IPR) and cyber law. 

Shoolini University has strong academic alliances with 250+ higher institutions of learning. Such connections provide students and professors a great platform to gain a global outlook as well as academic experience.

We have regular updates from the corporate sector and guest lectures by Judges and Advocates of the High Court and Supreme Court.

Research Opportunities

Indian Law, International Law (Both Public and Private)

LLB Career Opportunities

  • Pratice Law
  • Law Officer
  • Judiciary
  • Assistant Public Prosecutor
  • Law Firms
  • Legal Advisor

Semester I 1 Constitutional Law -I 4 Core
2 Law of Contract -I 4 Core
3 Family Law -I 4 Core
4 Law of Crimes -I (IPC) 4 Core
5 Legal Language 4 Core
Total 20  
Semester II 1 Constitutional Law -II 4 Core
2 Law of Contract – II 4 Core
3 Family Law -II 4 Core
4 Jurisprudence 4 Core
5 Law of Torts 4 Core
Total 20  
Semester III 1 Labour and Industrial Law 4 Core
2 Alternative Dispute Resolution (Clinical Paper - I) 4 Core
3 Intellectual Property Rights 4 Core
4 Environmental Laws 4 Core
5 Administrative Law 4 Core
Total  20  
Semester IV 1 Law of Evidence 4 Core
2 Public International Law 4 Core
3 Law of Crimes - II (Cr.PC) 4 Core
4 Banking Laws 4 Core
5 Professional Ethics (Clinical Paper - II) 4 Core
Total 20  
Semester V 1 Civil Procedure Code 4 Core
2 Property Law 4 Core
3 Company Law 4 Core
4 Cyber Laws 4 Core
5 Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing (Clinical Paper - III) 4 Core
Total 20  
Semester VI 1 Taxation Laws 4 Core 
2 Land Laws 4 Core
3 Interpretation of Statutes 4 Core
4 Optinal (Any one of the following)
B)Insurance Law
4 Elective
5 Moot Court (Clinical Paper - IV) 4 Core
Total 20  
Total Credits (20+20+20+20) 120  

Nandan Sharma
Nandan SharmaProfessor
Renu Pal Sood
Renu Pal SoodAssociate Professor
Narinder Gupta
Narinder GuptaProfessor
Chander Mohan Gupta
Chander Mohan GuptaAssistant Professor
Swati Soni
Swati SoniAssistant Professor
Anita Chauhan
Anita ChauhanAssistant Professor
Monika Thakur
Monika ThakurAssistant Professor
Anupriya Thakur
Anupriya ThakurAssistant Professor
Palak Sharma
Palak SharmaAssistant Professor
Deepak Devi (LLB)

Deepak Devi (LLB)

I credit the illustrious faculty of legal practitioners and luminaries of law for enhancing my court skills. Through various moot competitions organised in the university, we are encouraged to engage in critical thinking and methodical skills. Weekly visits to the district court help us gain practical knowledge along with the theoretical.

Jyoti Thakur (LLB)

Jyoti Thakur (LLB)

I feel like a completely different person now. The journey has been extremely beautiful. Regular moot court sessions along with participation in national and international conferences and seminars have provided me the base to be a successful lawyer with a solid legal mind.

Himanshi, LLB ​

Himanshi, LLB ​

I thought the program would be all about memorising the laws and sections of the Penal Code. But the frequent court practices, group discussions, debates, events with prestigious judges has been shaping my legal career effectively. Thanks you Shoolini!​

Frequently Asked Questions

The LLB program at Shoolini University is taught by an experienced faculty of legal practitioners and experts in law. They provide practical insights into the legal profession and support students in enhancing their court skills, such as drafting legal documents, arguing cases, and negotiating settlements.

What are the future opportunities after completing LLB from Shoolini University?

Completing an LLB degree from Shoolini University opens up a range of career opportunities in the legal field. Graduates may work as lawyers in private law firms, corporations, government agencies, or non-profit organisations. They can also pursue a career as a legal advisor, legal consultant, or legal researcher. Additionally, LLB graduates may pursue further studies in law or related fields like business or public policy. Overall, an LLB degree from Shoolini University provides a strong foundation for a successful career in the legal field.

Shoolini University provides industry exposure to LLB students through internships, moot court competitions, legal aid clinics, and guest lectures by industry professionals. Students complete multiple internships to gain practical experience and learn about the legal profession. The university also organises moot court competitions to help students develop court skills, legal aid clinics to provide hands-on experience, and guest lectures by industry professionals to expose students to current legal issues and practices.

Shoolini University has a dedicated Placement Cell that assists students in securing job opportunities after completing LLB. The Placement Cell conducts career counselling sessions, mock interviews, and resume-building workshops to help students prepare for their job search. Graduates of the LLB program can work in law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies, and non-profit organisations.

Yes, Shoolini University has a strong alumni network. The active alumni association helps connect graduates, faculty members, and current students, providing a platform for networking, mentorship, and career guidance. This helps build long-term relationships between the university and its graduates.

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Course Details

  • Eligibility: Graduation in any discipline with minimum 55% marks

  • Admission Criteria: SAT/CLAT or Shoolini University's multiple choice entrance test (SU-SAT)

  • Duration: 3 years

  • Semester Fee

    Himachal Pradesh Domicile : 57495
    Others : 60000