Top 7 Reasons to Choose Law as a Career

Law is not only a viable career option but also a way of life. Pursuing law as a career offers the opportunity for a successful professional life and enables people to contribute to the well-being of society. After all, the law is the foundation of life and liberty!

A law degree empowers a person on different legal aspects and makes them sensitive to the needs of their family, friends, and the wider community on a day-to-day basis. In fact, if you can have only three friends, one of them better be a lawyer!

Law career in India

Law as a career in India is in great demand and offers an innovative approach to dealing with life. Social and economic circumstances change rapidly in a developing country like India. This has brought in several regulations in every field and the demand for trained legal sciences degree holders has risen manifold. In other words, law as a career is both adventurous and exciting in India in the present scenario.

A law degree holder in India can counsel their clients on multiple aspects like pre legal documentation on different matters, preparation of wills and contracts, conducting negotiations on different legal matters and representing the clients in courts and during tribunal proceedings. In India, law programs have been designed in such a manner that any student can specialise in any one of the following:

  • Criminal Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Taxation Law
  • Labour Law
  • Family Law
  • Administration Law
  • Patent Law

This law degree can be pursued at a university whose law courses have been approved by the Bar Council of India. Shoolini University, an institution that is listed among the top 200 global universities, is a worthy option to pursue a career in law. Top legal luminaries like High Court Judges offer guidance to students here at the School of Law.

Why choose Law as a career? 

Numerous reasons make law a rewarding career choice. Lets find out:

Power to make a difference

As a lawyer, you can bring positive change to society. While you might be arguing cases for clients, you can always take time to raise a voice on social issues through public interest litigations.

Plethora of career opportunities

Any legal sciences student can pursue a professional career in law after doing an LLB degree. You can begin by practising at a district court and graduate to higher opportunities. With a degree like LLM under your belt, you can also consider taking teaching opportunities in different law universities.

Development of a diverse skill set

The scenario in a courtroom is different. This means inculcating diverse skills and with time, a practicing lawyer develops knowledge, skill and attitude, becoming masters of their profession.

Financial stability

This is one entrepreneurial field that brings a lot of name and fame as a person gains experience and expertise in their profession. Top lawyers make a good fortune, even from one court hearing. Thus, it can be said that law as a career definitely brings financial stability.

Provides respect and prestige

Lawyers command a lot of respect and prestige in society. They are the ones who make life easier for common people. Thus, everyone looks up to lawyers as they are the ones who deliver them from any legal issues at least once in their lifetime.

Develops self-confidence

Law sciences students have to face judges and the public at large during court proceedings. Otherwise too, this profession demands a lot of interaction with others. Thus, a career in law makes a person self-confident in no time.

Opportunity to become a lawmaker

A student, after doing BA LLB, LLM, has the opportunity to become a lawmaker as he can appear in various Judicial Service Examinations that make him eligible for donning the mantle of a judge in due course.

Law degree at Shoolini

Pursuing a fulfilling career in law from a prestigious institution like Shoolini University has its own advantages. The university ranks among the top 200 globally (THE Impact Rankings 2022), is the Number 3 Private University in India, has 250+ global alliances and over 1100+ patents filed, which are the highest in the country for a young university.


Through the five-year degree program (BA LLB) at Shoolini University, students can complete two degrees simultaneously. They develop an interdisciplinary approach that helps them further their career. The key areas of research are Indian Law, Public International Law and Private International Law.

The Faculty at Law School is highly trained and experienced. Many of them have years of judicial experience which helps them develop in-depth knowledge of different aspects of the Indian Legal System. In addition, corporate sector experts, judges and advocates from the High Court and Supreme Court are also invited for regular guest lectures occasionally and to mentor students. For admission to this degree program, students should have completed 10+2 in any stream with at least 55% marks.


Students who wish to specialise in any of the legal sub-streams can opt for an LLM at Shoolini University. Top professionals from law and legal affairs offer guidance to students during this year-long postgraduate course.

The curriculum has been specially designed to include an overview of trademark laws and practices globally. Additionally, international treaties, conventions and related agreements are also covered under the ambit of LLM.

The key areas of research during LLM at Shoolini University are Tax Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Indian Laws and International Laws. Students with 55% marks in LLB/BA LLB are eligible for admission to LLM at Shoolini University.

Apart from these key courses, other programs where students can seek admission at the Law School at Shoolini University are:

Shoolini Students Always Achieve Their Life Goals. Find Out How!

  • One-Student-One-Patent Policy
  • Industry-driven curriculum
  • 100% Placement Support
  • Need-cum-Merit based Scholarships

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Pursuing a degree in law from Shoolini University provides students with the opportunity to study under top legal luminaires including High Court judges with years of experience. In addition, students get to participate in moot courts and be a part of legal aid clinics which gives them practical experience and exposure that stands with them throughout their professional life.

Students study and live in a competitive environment at the campus, where they are motivated to prepare for competitive examinations in the field of law like CLAT, State Judicial Services, PCS and JAG. All courses at the School of Law at Shoolini University have been approved by the Bar Council of India, which is the regulatory body for professional degrees in the field of law in India. 

Job options after Law degree 

After completing a degree in law, students can opt for numerous positions in this field. Some of the key areas in law include:

  • Litigation
  • Law Firms
  • Judicial Services
  • Corporate Sector
  • Judicial Clerk
  • Human Rights Lawyer
  • Cyber Lawyer
  • Journalism
  • Academics, Research and Teaching
  • Legal Translation
  • Legal Relation and Policy Analyst
  • Entrepreneur
  • Judge Advocate General Officer
  • Government Services
  • Legal Researchers
  • Legal outsourcing
  • Indian Armed Forces Legal Cell
  • Public Prosecutor

With a professional degree in hand and years of learning from trained faculty, a budding lawyer can look forward to a host of opportunities and a promising career. The total value of the Indian Legal market as of 2020 was around USD 1.25 billion. With such bright prospects, this is definitely a career worth pursuing and for the right candidate, there would always be a host of opportunities to explore, once they successfully complete a law degree.


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