Shoolini is 19th Best Small University in the World

Solan, August 16

Shoolini University has emerged as the 19th best in the world in the prestigious Small Universities Times Higher Education (THE) Rankings 2023. In India, Shoolini has been ranked No.1 Private Small University and 2nd (Overall).

The rankings cover universities from over 90 countries across the globe. To be eligible for these rankings in the category, universities must appear in THE World University Rankings 2023 and have fewer than 5,000 students. The top spot for the Best Small University in the world has gone to the California Institute of Technology, a university of pre-eminence which counts 47 Nobel laureates among its alumni and faculty.

The Indian Institute of Science (IISC), Bengaluru, has been ranked 10th in the world and takes the top spot among all universities ranked in the country. The Indian universities that figured among the top 50 in the Times Higher Education Best Small Universities Rankings are: IISC Bengaluru (10th), Shoolini University (19th), Mahatma Gandhi University (28th), Alagappa University (30th), IIIT Hyderabad (36th), IIT Indore (42nd), NIT Hamirpur (46th), IIT Patna (48th), and IIT Gandhinagar (50th).

Chancellor Prof PK Khosla said it was a matter of immense pride that Shoolini University has attained the top rank among small private universities in the country. He complimented the faculty and researchers for the achievement.

Pro Chancellor Vishal Anand emphasised the benefits of studying at small universities, where students often experience more personal attention and enhanced access to resources. “The competition for landing one’s dream job is also comparatively lower in a small university setting, unlike larger institutions where hundreds or thousands of students are vying for the same opportunities,” he pointed out.

Vice Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla said the university believed in quality education rather than in the quantity of students. He thanked the faculty, staff and students for their hard work, resulting in the top rankings.

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Shoolini Team
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