Shoolini Grad to Present Agri Invention at Tech Summit 

Shoolini University alumni continue to shine with their achievements, and here’s another great example. Gaurav Sharma, who graduated with a B Tech Biotechnology with Summit Research Program (SRP) in 2021, is ready to showcase his invention, the ‘Water Conservation & Utilisation System,’ at the Gujarat Technology Transfer Summit 2024 on April 19th. This invention could significantly affect how water is managed in the Himalayan agricultural areas. It provides a better way to save water and deliver it to farmers when needed. 

The Innovation  

The ‘Water Conservation & Utilisation System’ introduces a system for efficiently conserving and utilising rainwater, applicable in agricultural settings and for residential rainwater harvesting. Notably, its assembly process is straightforward, consisting of three steps: head, neck, and bottom, ensuring user-friendly installation. 

One of its key strengths lies in its versatility, as it can be deployed across various terrains, ranging from small to large agricultural fields, as well as hilly and flat landscapes.  

The system comprises essential components such as a conical collector, designed to gather rainwater and an efficient filtration system for water purification. This collected water is then stored in a water conservation tank linked to another tank.  

Two transportation vessels facilitate the movement of water, with one transferring water from the collector to the conservation tank and the other from the conservation tank to the supplementary reservoir.  

Additional features include a siphoning port for managing excess water, a valve mechanism for regulating water flow into the conservation tank, and adjustment ports for fine-tuning filtration processes.  

The system also includes channels for controlled irrigation by strategically releasing stored water. A supporting connector assembly ensures stability and structural integrity. 

Furthermore, a dedicated pumping system facilitates efficient water distribution, catering to various irrigation methods, including drip and sprinkle systems.  

The Backdrop 

This innovation began to take shape in his high school days. Seeing the struggles of farmers in his hometown of Prasala (Mandi, Himachal Pradesh) with insufficient water conservation in terraced fields sparked his desire to find a solution. Yet, as a student, he required additional resources to bring his ideas to life. 

Fast forward to his undergraduate studies at Shoolini University in 2021. He says, “Under the expert mentorship of my professor, Saurabh Kulshrestha, I was able to turn my idea into a practical design. The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell at Shoolini University played a crucial role in obtaining utility status for the invention. After two years of hard work, our efforts culminated in a publication that set the stage for showcasing the invention at the Technology Transfer Summit 2024, hosted by Gujarat Technological University (GTU) and the Government of India.” 

Gaurav further states, “This journey would not have been possible without the nurturing environment at Shoolini University. I am thankful for the chance to present this innovation and contribute towards a more sustainable agricultural future in the Himalayas.” 

Message for Aspiring Innovators  

When questioned about his guidance for budding innovators, Gaurav highlighted that limited resources can actually inspire greater innovation. He also underlined the significance of choosing a university that can cultivate your ideas and offer the essential support to ensure their growth. 

Gaurav is pursuing his master’s degree at Gujarat Technological University. Shoolini University is super proud of him and his remarkable invention, cheering him on as he continues to make a difference.

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