Job Market Value of Design Courses in India

Close your eyes for a moment and picture a world devoid of design. No cozy homes with personalised touches, no fashion statements, no intuitive apps that simplify our lives and no user-friendly websites or eye-catching graphics. Design is not just about aesthetics. It is the soul behind everything we touch, see, and experience. It’s the warmth in a well-designed room, the joy in scrolling through a beautifully crafted website, and the comfort of holding a thoughtfully designed product.  

The Indian Design Market is growing at a rate of 23 to 25% annually, according to a report by Startup Talky. As a result, the demand for skilled designers is increasing. From industrial design to graphics, UI/UX and game designing, professionals need to breathe life into concepts and transform the ordinary to the extraordinary. There are more jobs now, but not enough qualified designers. This means there’s an ample opportunity for new designers to enter the field and find success.  

These days, different types of designers are needed in various industries. This includes UI/UX designers, fashion designers, interior designers, animation designers, product designers, and graphic designers. These professionals play vital roles in automobile, IT, fashion, hospitality, retail, media, education, real estate, and government sectors. If you’re considering a career in design, exploring these professions can help you plan your future. In India, the design industry is expected to grow significantly in the next decade. This blog will help you discover the recent trends and the job market value of design courses in India.

Understanding B Design Courses   

Bachelor of Design courses, also known as B Des courses, are undergraduate programs that focus on various aspects of design, preparing students for careers in graphic design, fashion design, interior design, product design, UX/UI design, and more. These courses are designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of design principles, techniques, and practices. They also gain hands-on experience to develop their creative skills. The demand for skilled designers continues to grow, offering promising prospects for B Design graduates to contribute to the evolving landscape of design and innovation.  

Design Job Market Value - Career Options

Exploring the Design Job Market

The design job market covers various industries and sectors, offering diverse career opportunities for individuals with creative skills and a passion for innovation. Understanding the design job market dynamics involves examining factors such as industry trends, job roles, skill requirements, and employment prospects.   

  • Industry Trends: The design industry is constantly changing because of new technology, what consumers like, and latest trends in the market. Designers need to know what’s popular in the industry to stay competitive in their careers. For example, the growing importance of digital design has led to increased demand for UX/UI designers, while the rise of sustainability has fueled opportunities in eco-friendly product design and green architecture.  
  • Job Roles: Design includes many jobs, from old-fashioned ones like graphic design and interior design to newer ones like UX/UI design, graphics and game design. Typical design job roles include graphic designer, fashion designer, interior designer, product designer, UX/UI designer, design manager, design consultant, and design educator. Different roles in the design industry require specific skills, expertise, and experience, addressing various aspects of the design process and industry needs.  
  • Skill Requirements: Employers in the design industry seek candidates with a combination of technical skills, creative abilities, and soft skills. Technical skills may include proficiency in design software, such as Adobe Creative Suite for graphic design or Sketch for UX/UI design, as well as knowledge of design principles, typography, colour theory, and layout. Creative abilities involve ideation, problem-solving, storytelling, and visual communication skills. Soft skills such as teamwork, communication, time management, and adaptability are also highly valued in the design job market.  
  • Employment Prospects: The demand for skilled designers is growing across various industries, including advertising, marketing, media, technology, fashion, retail, healthcare, education, and entertainment. Designers may find employment opportunities in design agencies, corporate design departments, government organisations, non-profit organisations, startups, and freelance platforms. Additionally, the rise of remote work and the gig economy has expanded the scope of employment for designers, allowing them to work flexibly and pursue freelance or remote opportunities globally.  
  • Career Development: Continuous learning and professional development are essential for designers to advance their careers and stay competitive in the job market. Design professionals can enhance their skills through online courses, workshops, certifications, conferences, and networking events. Building a strong portfolio showcasing their work, staying updated on industry trends, and cultivating a professional network can also boost career prospects and open doors to new opportunities.  

Benefits of Pursuing a B Design Course  

  • Diverse Career Opportunities: A B Design degree opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities in fields such as advertising, marketing, web design, fashion, gaming, and more.  
  • Hands-On Learning: B Design courses emphasise practical learning through projects, internships, and industry collaborations, allowing students to gain real-world experience.  
  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: The curriculum of B Design courses is designed with industry experts to ensure that students learn the latest tools, techniques, and trends in design.  
  • Global Recognition: A B Design degree offers global recognition, providing students with exposure to diverse perspectives, expanding career opportunities worldwide, facilitating valuable networking connections, deepening cultural understanding and enhancing industry recognition.   

After we have discovered the market trends and the benefits of design courses, let us now explore the best B Design courses at the No.1 Private University in India.   

Know more about Shoolini University  

Located in the serene landscape of Himachal Pradesh, Shoolini University is the No.1 Private University in India (as per Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024 and QS World University Rankings 2024). The growth-oriented curriculum at Shoolini offers the best B Design courses in India.   

The School of Design (SOD) at Shoolini University is headed by Prof Amit Ray, the initiator of IIT Kanpur’s Design School. SOD focuses on a nature-centric design program along with a wide range of interdisciplinary research and innovation-driven applied fields. The School of Design integrates with various Schools in the University to build a multidisciplinary school and create a hub of research and innovation. These include Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Visual Art & Aesthetics, Natural Sciences, Computer Science, Engineering, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Ergonomics, Physiology, and cutting-edge technologies like Extended Reality (XR), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR). This diverse curriculum reflects the multifaceted nature of design and its application in the real world, preparing students for a future where design transcends conventional limits. Located in the lap of nature, Shoolini University enjoys rich biodiversity, inspiring innovation, and creativity.   

B Design at ShooliniUniversity 

Design Job Market - Shoolini University B Design Courses

Shoolini’s Bachelor of Design or B Des course is a four-year degree program that treats design as a language. Design is everywhere — with this premise, the university focuses on human-centric and nature-centric design that can be implemented into an idea or product. The students are nurtured as creative minds to become outstanding innovators and researchers passionate about creating a difference in society.  

This 4-year degree program offers hands-on training that prepares students for creative careers in diverse industries like biotech, IT, software development, and technology manufacturing. Being one of the best B Des colleges in India, Shoolini focuses on nature-based Design, commonly known as Biomimicry or taking design ideas from nature. The course is UGC-approved and NAAC Accredited.  

Shoolini offers the following B Design specialisations:  

  • Product Design   
  • Visual Communication Design   
  • UX/UI Design   
  • Immersive Media Design   

Why Choose Shoolini for your B Design Degree?  

  • Growth-oriented Curriculum: The top-notch rankings and accreditations by esteemed agencies (like THE and QS), serene landscape, and growth-oriented ecosystem make Shoolini the best place for you to study B Design.   
  • Advanced Laboratories:  Shoolini provides an ideal environment for discussing, designing, creating, innovating, and brainstorming ideas, as well as a Fabrication Lab for hands-on tech exploration. The labs are equipped with modern tech features.   
  • World-class Faculty: Shoolini has world-class faculty comprising tech leaders from esteemed companies and professionals from the leading institutions of the country like IITs, IIMs, NIFT, and NID. Also, some of them are qualified at international institutions.   
  • Focus on Biomimicry: The B Design course at Shoolini focuses on nature-inspired design, or Biomimicry, aiming to explore the marvels of the natural world and human innovation.  
  • Job Opportunities: This degree prepares graduates for jobs in different domains such as Product Design, Visual Communication- Animation, Graphic Design, Design Managing, UI/UX Designing and understanding Nature-centric Design through Biomimicry- Design Paradigm.   
  • Placements: With an active placement cell, Shoolini offers lucrative placement options to the students. Mission 130 aims at 100% placement with 30% in top companies. Each year, students get placed in leading companies like Piramal, Nestle, Mercer, KPMG, Grant Thornton, Deloitte, Ericsson and many more.   

End Note   

The job market value of B Design courses is impressive. It continues to grow as businesses recognise the importance of design in today’s competitive landscape. By pursuing a B Design degree, students can unleash their creativity and develop valuable skills for promising careers in the dynamic design world. If you’re passionate about creativity and innovation, a B Design course is the perfect fit for you!

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