Shoolini Expands Global Footprint Through Strategic Alliances  

Committed to creating a dynamic, interconnected, and innovative academic environment, Shoolini University established a series of impactful global academic collaborations in 2023. The university expanded its international presence by signing over 25 Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with prestigious institutions worldwide. Some of these are with the USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan, Zimbabwe and the Philippines. Notable partnerships include agreements with the University of Melbourne in Australia, University of Sains in Malaysia, the University of Salford in UK, CQ University in Australia, Royal Holloway University of London in the UK, and Central Florida University in USA. 

Additionally, Shoolini welcomed over 30 international students for under and postgraduate full-term study courses, with 15 of them securing the esteemed fully funded SII scholarship from the MOE, Government of India. The student exchange program saw active participation with 32 students enrolling in enriching programs across Canada, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Italy, and Dubai. Shoolini also hosted three inbound students from Indonesia for a semester-long exchange.  

To advance global practical experiences, 12 Shoolini students availed fully funded internships in Taiwan, receiving fully funded tuition fee waiver with a generous stipend of Rs 45,000 per month. Two students grabbed Belt & Road scholarship in China with Rs 30,000 monthly stipend, highlighting Shoolini’s commitment to global student empowerment.  

Let’s explore some transformative international agreements Shoolini University signed with top international universities in 2023.  

Dual Degree BSc Program with The University of Melbourne, Australia

This unique program spans four years, with the initial two years delivered by Shoolini University, aligning with the licensed syllabus from The University of Melbourne, Australia. The subsequent two years are spent at the University of Melbourne, culminating in the prestigious degree of Bachelor of Science Advance (Honours). Embarking on this collaborative journey not only ensures a seamless educational experience but also provides students with the opportunity to fulfil their dreams of studying at one of the top 15 globally ranked universities – the University of Melbourne.  

According to Shoolini Office of International Affairs Deputy Director Rozy Dhanta, “This program not only offers a seamless academic experience but also opens doors for students to access the unparalleled academic excellence of the University of Melbourne, a global leader in education.” 

2+2 Program with University of Salford, UK

This 2+2 program offers a dynamic, transformative student experience. It begins with two years at Shoolini in India, where students engage in a comprehensive curriculum. After meeting transfer criteria, they continue at the University of Salford in the UK for the final two years. This seamless transition maximises academic continuity and recognition of coursework. Through this partnership with the University of Salford, UK, Shoolini’s 2+2-degree program allows students to complete their bachelor’s degree with an enriching international dimension, reshaping their academic journey. 

Agreement with Royal Holloway University of London

Shoolini University’s collaboration with Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL) opens new global education avenues through a unique 2+2-degree program. Students spend the initial two years at Shoolini, followed by the next two at RHUL, culminating in a bachelor’s degree from the prestigious UK institution. Highlighting the program’s benefits, Shoolini University’s Director of International Affairs, Prof RP Dwivedi, noted, “Students gain a globally recognised degree and improved job opportunities in the UK, along with a two-year work visa after graduation.” This partnership equips students with essential skills and international exposure, vital for success in the globally interconnected landscape.

Taiwan University & School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Forge MoU

Shoolini University’s School of Pharmaceutical Sciences signed an MoU with the Graduate Institute of Natural Products, College of Medicine, at Chang Gung University, Taiwan. This agreement will facilitate student exchange at various academic levels and focus on interdisciplinary research in areas like drug discovery for osteoporosis and microbial infections.  

During the announcement, Founder and Chancellor Prof PK Khosla emphasised Shoolini’s global rankings and renowned faculty. Prof Hwang from Chang Gung University, Taiwan, presented the university’s notable achievements. The discussions included a focus on natural product-based research, which aligns with Shoolini’s Himalayan biodiversity goals and past successful student exchanges in Taiwan.  

In a year marked by global academic initiatives, there was significant faculty involvement in international activities as well. Professor RP Dwivedi journeyed to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Nepal to participate in education fairs and forge new collaborations. Professor Rozy Dhanta undertook a journey to Jakarta, Indonesia, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, participating in the QS Asia Summit organised by QS World Rankings. Additionally, she visited Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney, Australia, fostering international collaborations with esteemed universities. Through these endeavours, she successfully created numerous opportunities for students, including funded programs.  

Further, key members of the Shoolini leadership, including Director and Trustee Nishtha Anand, Vice President Avnee Khosla, Director of Research Prof Saurabh Kulshrestha, President Innovation & Marketing Prof Ashish Khosla, Chief Learning Officer Dr Ashoo Khosla and Director of Ranking and Accreditation Varsha Patil, actively seized opportunities to travel overseas for international collaboration and participation in global events. Notably, Associate Professor Pradeep Kumar, Director of Happiness Centre Prof Saamdhu Chetri and IQAC Manager Shubham utilised these prospects to enhance their professional development. In addition, Uma Shankar and Schin, working in the Office of International Affairs, were awarded fully funded opportunities to pursue higher education at TMU, Taiwan. This exposure not only provides our faculty members with invaluable international experiences but also contributes to the global perspective within our institution. 

Let’s know more.

Workshop on Sustainable Agriculture with The University of Melbourne

Shoolini University, in partnership with the University of Melbourne, successfully co-hosted the ‘Food for a Healthy Planet’ workshop, focusing on sustainable agriculture. This event highlighted key themes such as reducing food waste and incorporating technology in farming. Topics included biofortification, renewable materials, omega-3 fatty acids, and sustainable livestock practices. Distinguished speakers like Asst Prof Alex Johnson and Prof Giovanni Turchini from the University of Melbourne, along with Antanas Spokevicius and Surinder Singh Chauhan, shared valuable insights on biotechnological advancements and sustainable food production strategies.  

Short Term YOGA program for delegates from Vietnam 

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) orchestrated a Short-Term Yoga Program catering to a group of delegates from Vietnam. This specialised certification program, under the guidance of Prof Saamdhu Chetri, emphasised the practice of ‘hawan prakriya’ within the realm of yoga. Prof Subodh highlighted the global surge in interest towards yoga. Recognising the increasing global awareness and appreciation for the holistic benefits of yoga, the OIA took the initiative to design and implement this program. The certification course provided the Vietnamese delegates with a comprehensive understanding of this specific aspect of yoga. As people worldwide seek to adopt healthier lifestyles and holistic well-being practices, the OIA’s endeavour to facilitate specialised yoga programs aligns with the rising global interest in harnessing the transformative power of yoga.

Asst Prof Sunil Kumar on Environmental Mission to South Korea

Asst Prof Sunil Kumar Sharma from the School of Advanced Chemical Sciences has got a fellowship to Hanyang University, South Korea. He has been honoured with the prestigious SERB International Research Experience (SIRE) fellowship for 2023-2024. Supported by SERB and DST, India, this fellowship will elevate his six-month project. The research will focus on developing advanced materials to reduce air pollution, specifically targeting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) using Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) derived from graphitic carbon nitride. His work is a sustainable approach to combat VOC-related environmental issues, inspiring young researchers to pursue their goals and gain international experience.  

Wrapping Up 

Shoolini University has established itself as a hub for international learning and collaboration. As Prof RP Dwivedi notes, “The university’s partnerships with leading educational institutions nurture future leaders with a global outlook.” Prof Rozy Dhanta emphasised the importance of such programs, stating, “These initiatives not only enrich the educational experience but also foster a global mindset, preparing our students and faculty for success in the interconnected world. 

This year’s strategic alliances and academic initiatives showcase Shoolini’s unwavering commitment to global education, research, and student empowerment. It highlights the significant role of institutions of higher learning in creating a globally connected academic landscape. 

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