Talented Minds Innovate at Summer Patent School  

Launched in 2021, the annual Summer Patent School at Shoolini University has been empowering school students across India to turn their innovative ideas into reality. Organised in the foothills of the Himalayas on the serene campus, the programme is being held in two cohorts, from June 10 to 14 and June 17 to 21. 

This initiative, conceived by Shoolini Vice Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla, is a collaboration between Ideas That Matter and the Intellectual Property Rights Office. Since its inception, it has engaged over 200 bright students from across India. The Summer Patent School offers a platform for students to explore possibilities, overcome challenges, and develop essential patent-filing skills. It develops critical thinking, problem-solving, and patent knowledge, creating a collaborative space for innovation. 

Students receive mentorship from experts, professors, and technical specialists who help refine their ideas and ensure clarity in intellectual property. The programme encourages students to present their ideas, which are then honed through discussions and expert guidance. Shoolini University provides ongoing support for students to file patents for future innovations, even if a patentable concept is not identified during the programme. 

The Summer Patent School at Shoolini University has already achieved significant milestones, including the filing of 55 Intellectual Property Rights (IPs). On the occasion, Shoolini Founder Chancellor Prof PK Khosla said, “The Summer Patent School not only imparts knowledge about intellectual property but also exposes students to new-age advancements, equipping them with essential skills for patent filing. In the past, students have received grants and secured admissions to renowned institutions like the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California San Diego.” 

Eaanya Nirvikar, a bright young mind from The Sanskaar Valley School in Bhopal, found her true calling at the Patent School. This transformative program empowers students like Eaanya to turn their innovative ideas into reality. “I am thankful for the incredible journey I have had at Shoolini University,” Eaanya shares, her eyes sparkling with excitement. “The Summer Patent School 2024 has been a life-changing experience for me.” 

June 18, 2024 

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Shoolini Team
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