Patented! Game-Changing Tech to Detect Drunk Drivers

In an innovative stride toward enhancing road safety, Assistant Prof Brij Bhushan Sharma of Shoolini University has developed and patented a state-of-the-art system to detect drunk drivers. This groundbreaking technology, which utilises an Arduino Uno R3 microcontroller and an MQ-3 gas sensor module, is designed to detect alcohol levels near the driver and provide immediate alerts through LED indicators.

Despite rigorous laws and periodic police checks, the menace of drunk driving continues to escalate, contributing to 41% of traffic-related fatalities, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Traditional methods of detection, which often involve manual checks or medical examinations, have proved insufficient in effectively curbing this dangerous behaviour.

Assistant Prof Sharma’s drunk drivers detection system offers a proactive solution by automatically detecting alcohol concentrations of 1000ppm or higher around the driver. Once detected, the sensor’s output triggers the Arduino controller, which activates an LED light indication, signalling that the driver may be under the influence of alcohol.

The inspiration for this device struck Assistant Prof Sharma during a routine drive, where he encountered a police checkpoint. Observing the inefficiencies of the manual checking process, he envisioned a built-in vehicle system that could streamline the detection process, thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing roadblocks.

“This system is designed not just to detect but also to alert surrounding road users, thereby acting as a deterrent to drunk driving,” stated Assistant Prof Sharma. With no existing products in the market, this invention could revolutionise how vehicle safety and driver sobriety are monitored, potentially saving countless lives and enhancing road safety standards globally.

Shoolini University proudly supports this significant contribution to automotive safety technology, aligning with its commitment to applying academic research to address real-world challenges.

The university distinguishes itself through remarkable contributions to research and development in India. The university’s innovative ‘One Student One Patent’ policy has led to over 1,500 patents filed, positioning it as the third highest patent filer in the nation. This is supported by its 11 Centres of Excellence, which focus on vital areas such as nanotechnology, OMICS, and biodiversity research.

With more than 104 advanced laboratories and substantial government funding, Shoolini has a robust environment for cutting-edge research. This is why Shoolini is the No.1 Research University in India as per QS Asia University Rankings 2023 (Citations per Paper).

Additionally, Shoolini’s influence extends globally, with its researchers listed among the world’s top 1% by a recent Stanford University study. The university also boasts a significant H-index of over 115, the highest among institutions established post-2009, confirming its strong research capabilities and global impact.

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