New Technique Promises Early Breast Cancer Detection

Breast cancer is a growing concern worldwide, which is why early detection plays a crucial role in successful treatment and survival rates. Shoolini University researchers Assistant Professor-cum-System Analyst Bharti Thakur and Assistant Professor Sushil Kumar have made significant strides in this area, filing a patent for their innovative dual-algorithm approach for early breast cancer screening. This method, designed to benefit rural and developing communities, uses Machine Learning to enhance accuracy and efficiency in detecting the disease. 

Their invention uses advanced computer techniques to analyse medical data, achieving an impressive accuracy rate of 50% to 90%. This significant improvement over traditional methods allows for earlier detection and timely treatment, improving patient outcomes considerably. By analysing genetic data, the researchers can identify cancer-causing genes in women, offering a proactive approach to breast cancer prevention and treatment. 

Inspired by her personal experience and commitment to women’s health, Bharti Thakur stated, “As a woman, I wanted to create something that would help others detect breast cancer early and increase their chances of a cure.” 

One of the key advantages of this invention is its accessibility for people in areas with limited healthcare resources. Traditional cancer screening methods are often too expensive or unavailable in rural and developing regions. This new, cost-effective method empowers local community health workers to perform screenings, ensuring that even the most marginalised populations can access life-saving tests. It also reduces the financial burden on patients and healthcare systems. 

Designed with sustainability in mind, the invention utilises energy-efficient algorithms and cloud computing to minimise resource consumption and environmental impact. Additionally, the method includes educational components to raise awareness about breast cancer and promote proactive health behaviours in communities. 

This dual-algorithm approach for early breast cancer detection represents a major advancement in public health. By offering a sustainable and accessible solution, it has the potential to save countless lives and improve the overall well-being of women worldwide. 

Bhavna Sharma
May 17

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