Shoolini Champions Inclusive Cinema with ‘Rabb Di Awaaz’

The Cinedicate Club, in collaboration with the School of Media and Communications at Shoolini University, hosted the screening of the film ‘Rabb Di Awaaz’,  India’s first multi-inclusive film, on Friday.  

‘Rabb Di Awaaz’ resonates deeply with its portrayal of the struggles faced by both the specially-abled and the youth, addressing pertinent issues such as depression, loneliness, and mental health in today’s fragmented world. 

The entire star cast, besides the producer Ojaswwee Sharma, were present at the film screening. These included Bhasker Pandey, Abhinav Sharma, Shiv Kumar Sharma, Sandeep Kumar, Mohit Verma, Sarvpriya Nirmohi, Shridhar Gupta, Rita Dutt and Varun Narang. 

Ojaswwee Sharma, a National Award-winning film director, led the groundbreaking project, further solidifying his reputation as a visionary filmmaker dedicated to societal change. 

Shiv Kumar Sharma, the movie’s lead actor, emphasised the importance of inner transformation, urging society to recognise and utilise its abilities for the betterment of all. 

The film Director, Ojaswwee Sharma, talked about the film’s five-year journey, highlighting the groundbreaking decision to cast visually impaired individuals in key roles, thereby authentically representing the community on screen. 

The screening was followed by a panel discussion, where the cast members shared how they prepared for the role. 

Shoolini University Chancellor Prof PK Khosla said he believed in the power of cinema to inspire change, and this film exemplified that belief. He expressed gratitude to the director for the opportunity to experience such a transformative film, commenting on its distinctive contribution to cinema. School of Media and Communication Director Prof Vipin Pubby welcomed the guests and emphasised the film’s societal significance. 

Dean Student Welfare Poonam Nanda talked about the film’s impact on raising awareness about social issues. 

The Cinedicate Club of Shoolini University organised the event under the leadership of Nihit Srivastava. The club offers students a platform to collaborate, learn, and hone their filmmaking skills.  

‘Rabb Di Awaaz’ is India’s first multi-inclusive film, offering a blend of entertainment and education with subtitles, audio descriptions, and Indian sign language to ensure accessibility for all audiences. Certified by the CBFC with a ‘U’ certification, the film sets a new standard for inclusivity in Indian cinema.  

5 April, 2024

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