Journalism and Mass Communication

With the information explosion, fuelled by the rise of unregulated social media, there is a need today for credible and balanced news sources. Responsible journalism includes checking and cross-checking of facts and figures, giving space to different shades of views and maintaining objectivity. The growing hunger for correct news and detached news analysis makes the study of Journalism and Mass Communication an attractive and paying career option.

Veteran & practicing journalist Vipin Pubby is mentor for the Journalism & Mass Communication department at Shoolini University. He has 40 years of experience behind him and is a former Editor of The Indian Express.


BA Journalism and Mass Communication 3 years 10+2 (in any stream) with minimum 50% marks.
MA Journalism 2 years Graduation in any discipline with minimum 55% marks.
PhD Journalism 3 Years Four years graduation degree/ Master’s degree in Journalism, Social Sciences, Journalism, Management or any related discipline with minimum 55% marks

Why Enroll for Journalism and Mass Communication at Shoolini?

  • Mentorship from practicing journalists
  • Practical experience in TV, Radio & Print


Besides Prof Vipin Pubby, the faculty comprises experienced teachers and experts in Radio/TV mediums. Also, experts in various fields are invited to conduct workshops and deliver interactive lectures.

Curriculum for Journalism and Mass Communication

  • Practical training is an integral part of the curriculum. Students of Journalism & Mass Communication bring out an in-house newspaper. They are groomed to be Radio Jockeys (RJs) & become adept at taking TV interviews.
  • Expert visiting faculty is invited to interact with students on journalism and mass communication, including PR, photography and Corporate Communication. 
  • Personalised attention is given to each student, keeping his or her individual interest and inclination in mind.
  • Students are taken to newspaper offices and TV/Radio stations to get a feel of the actual offices.
  • Internships with newspapers and TV/Radio Stations is organised for practical experience.
  • Students desirous of availing student exchange programme are encouraged to apply for a semester abroad.
  • Students are helped with placements after completion of the 3-year BJMC course, as this is the basic qualification required for jobs in the field.

Student Voices

Ashish Saini (MBA)
Getting placed with Hilti is a dream come true. I am very grateful to Shoolini University for inviting multinational companies on the campus.

Kavita Thakur (MBA)
I have been placed with ICICI Bank, one of the top private sector banks in the country. I always dreamed of working in banks or financial sectors and Shoolini has made my dreams come true.


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