BA in Journalism and Mass Communication

BA Journalism and Mass Communication is a three-year undergraduate course at Shoolini University which provides skills required to pursue a career in reporting, journalism, advertising, news analysis, and public relations.

The focus is on developing practical know-how of the underlying principles of the media industry. The illustrious faculty at Shoolini University holds extensive industry experience and emphasises on establishing a strong foundation to understand news media practices across different media. Also, practical training is imparted by media experts.

Our budding mediapersons gain hands-on skills as well as a critical awareness of the social, political, and economic circumstances of a career in the media. They intern with leading media houses such as The Indian Express, Times of India, The Tribune, Red FM and more. 

Research Opportunities

Social Sciences | Genuine News | Multimedia

BA in Journalism and Mass Communication Career Opportunities

  • Electronic Media (TV and Radio)
  • Advertising Industry
  • Digital Media
  • Public Relations  
  • Print Media
  • Research

Semester I 1 Functional English 3 Foundation 
2 Current Affairs & General Knowledge-I 2 Foundation 
3 Introduction to Reporting 3 Core
4 Great Books 3 Foundation 
5 Fundamentals of Journalism 3 Core
6 Industrial Visit-I 1 Skill
7 Social Project-I 1 Skill
8 SPRINT-I 1 Life Skill
9 Living in Digital Age 3 Foundation 
Total 20  
Semester II 1 Current Affairs and General Knowledge-II 2 Foundation 
2 Introduction to IT Tools 2 Foundation 
3 Introduction to Communication 3 Core
4 Practical aspects of Electronic media 4 Core
5 Social Project-IV 1 Skill
6 Functional English II- Gift of the Gab 3 Foundation 
7 Industrial Visits-II 1 Skill
8 SPRINT-II 1 Life Skill
9 Say it with Presentations 3 Foundation 
10 Academic Writing 3 Cluster Foundation
11 Aptitude (New) 2 Foundation 
12 English Writing & Speaking - II 2 Foundation 
13 Foundations of Data Science  2 Foundation 
Total 29  
Semester III 1 Current Affairs & General knowledge-III 2 Foundation 
2 News and Script Drafting 3 Core
3 Introduction to New Media 3 Core
4 Radio Journalism & Production 3 Core
5 Becoming RJ 3 Core
6 TV Journalism 3 Core
7 Industrial Visits-III 1 Skill
8 Social Project-III 1 Skill
9 SPRINT-III 1 Life Skill
Total  20  
Semester IV 1 Basics of Advertising Approaches  4 Core
2 Media Ethics and Laws 4 Core
3 Development Communication 4 Core
4 Anchoring (Minor) 3 Minor
5 Photography (Minor) 3 Minor
6 Current Affairs & General Knowledge-IV 2 Foundation 
7 Industrial Visits-IV 1 Skill
8 Aptitude - IV 2 Foundation 
9 SPRINT-IV 1 Life Skill
10 Minor Project 2 Skill
11 English Writing & Speaking - IV 2 Foundation 
Total 28  
Semester V 1 TV Journalism & Production 3 Core
2 Corporate Communication 3 Core
3 Media Research 3 Core
4 Current Affairs & General Knowledge V 2 Foundation 
5 SPRINT-V 1 Life Skill
6 Summer Internship 4 Skill
Total 16  
Semester VI 1 Research Project 4 Skill
2 Film Studies 4 Core
3 Practical aspects of photo/video journalism 4 Core
4 Event Management of Public Relations 4 Core
5 SPRINT-VI 1 Life Skill
6 Current affairs and General Knowledge- VI 2 Foundation 
7 Aptitude - VI 2 Foundation 
8 English Writing & Speaking - VI 2 Foundation 
Total 23  
Total Credits (20+29+20+28+16+23) 136  

Vipin Pubby
Vipin PubbyProfessor
Subodh Saurabh Singh
Subodh Saurabh SinghAssociate Professor
Tej Nath Dhar
Tej Nath DharProfessor
Purnima Bali
Purnima BaliAssociate Professor
Deepshikha Thakur
Deepshikha ThakurAssistant Professor
Supriya Srivastava
Supriya SrivastavaAssistant Professor
Mala Tripathi
Mala TripathiAssistant Professor
Anupama Chandel
Anupama ChandelAssistant Professor
Prakash Chand
Prakash ChandAssistant Professor
Kunwar Siddharth
Kunwar SiddharthAssistant Professor
Ekta Singh
Ekta SinghAssistant Professor
Samrat Sharma
Samrat SharmaAssistant Professor
Chen Mong Chun
Chen Mong ChunAssistant Professor
Nasser Dasht Peyma
Nasser Dasht PeymaProfessor
Hemant Kumar Sharma
Hemant Kumar SharmaAssistant Professor
Rajesh Williams
Rajesh WilliamsAssistant Professor
Navreet Sahi
Navreet SahiAssociate Professor
Isha Jaswal
Isha JaswalAssistant Professor
BhawnaAssistant Professor
Indu Negi
Indu NegiAssistant Professor
Apar Kaushik
Apar KaushikAssistant Professor
Vishakha Thakur (BAJMC)

Vishakha Thakur (BAJMC)

3.0 TV

The experienced faculty guided and supported me every step of the way, bringing out the best in me. I applied my newfound skills during my paid internship and got rave reviews. Thanks to the networking and professional development at Shoolini, I got placed at 3.0 TV in Mumbai.

Aarushi Mishra (BAJMC)

Aarushi Mishra (BAJMC)

I take pride in telling the world that I am a student of Shoolini and have been mentored by veteran journalist Vipin Pubby. I am grateful to him for making a confident journalist out of me. Thanks to the practical training, I was placed at WebBila as Senior Marketing Executive.

Saket Saurabh (BAJMC)

Saket Saurabh (BAJMC)

Photographing a landscape, person & event is something that has always stuck with me! And I am thankful for all the practical experiences I gained from Shoolini during my program & internship.

Nihit (BAJMC)

Nihit (BAJMC)

Studying journalism at Shoolini has been an incredible experience. I am humbled to have the chance to shape the narrative and leave my mark on the world, one frame and one post at a time. I feel prepared and confident about my skills in photography & filmmaking.

Gautam Sukhija (BAJMC)

Gautam Sukhija (BAJMC)

I always wanted to pursue journalism, but I was not that confident. With continuous support, I have grown from a shy student to leading the Literature and Anchoring Clubs. Shoolini has given me the confidence to embrace the spotlight and I invite others to join this enchanting journey.

Manan Monga, JMC​

Manan Monga, JMC​

The comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty with industry experience, and practical learning opportunities have shaped my career and helped my personal growth. The university's state-of-the-art facilities, industry visits, and international collaborations provided a well-rounded education. Thank you, Shoolini University for an exceptional education.​

Frequently Asked Questions

BA in Journalism and Mass Communication at Shoolini University is taught by top-notch faculty and mentors from leading newspapers and media organisations like Yash Raj Films, Sony Entertainment, Colors TV, The Indian Express, Aaj Tak, NDTV, India TV, Reuters, Lehman Brothers and many others.

What are the future opportunities after completing BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from Shoolini University?

You can become successful professionals in journalism, public relations, advertising, event management, and digital marketing. You can work as a reporter, correspondent, editor, anchor, public relations expert, advertising executive, event manager, or digital marketer. The university’s practical approach to education, internships, and industry collaborations, prepares graduates to become industry-ready and well-equipped to face the challenges of the job market.

Practical training is an integral part of the specially designed curriculum. Students get hands-on experience in various fields, such as TV anchoring/reporting, print and digital journalism, and radio jockeying. They produce an in-house newspaper and weekly TV bulletins (Shoolini TV) in English and Hindi, which serve as a platform for training in different aspects of TV Journalism. The university also has an in-house radio station called Radio Shoolini.

Students of BA in Journalism and Mass Communication get placed in top organisations like the Times of India, The Indian Express, ABP, CNN News18, Fusion PR, Core PR, Bingo PR, My FM, Big FM, etc.

Yes, Shoolini University has a strong alumni network. The active alumni association helps connect graduates, faculty members, and current students, providing a platform for networking, mentorship, and career guidance. This helps build long-term relationships between the university and its graduates.

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Course Details

  • Eligibility: 10+2 (in any stream) with minimum 55% marks

  • Admission Criteria: CUET/ SAT/ Shoolini University's multiple choice entrance test (SU-SAT), and faculty interaction

  • Duration: 3 years

  • Fee Structure

    Semester Fee : 36875