Ray of hope for neonatal health

Sepsis is a life-threatening illness which refers to a systemic (body-wide) infection accompanied by inflammation. Newborn infants are extremely vulnerable to it, given their naïve and under-developed immune system — especially in the first four weeks of the neonatal period.

Waking Nightmare: Disturbed Circadian Rhythm May be Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease

A recent study conducted by researchers at Shoolini University, India, finds that disturbed circadian rhythm can disrupt normal physiological functions and cause hyperactivity, anxiety,...

Patent filing: Shoolini crosses 600 mark

Tops India in 2021 QS Rankings for Citation Index, an indication of quality researchin institutions. Crossing another milestone, Shoolini University researchers have made waves byfiling...

Biosensors: Transforming the Diagnosis of Infections in Newborns

Researchers review advancements in biosensing technologies that can address the limitations of conventional diagnostic methods for neonatal sepsis Sepsis in newborn infants can be fatal....

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