Shoolini Secures New Patents in Tech & Energy

In a significant development, Shoolini University has recently been granted 25 utility patents and 223 industrial design patents by the Indian Patent Office. Till date, the total number of patents filed has crossed 1377, and the total number of patents published is 574. This feat underscores the institution’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement.  

Two new noteworthy patents — Controlled Laser Heating System (CLHS) and Portable Water Heating Solar Collector — stand out for their potential to disrupt traditional heating technology and clean energy solutions. The inventors of these groundbreaking technologies are faculty members, Rahul Chandel, SS Chandel, and Ram Prakash Dwivedi. Prof SS Chandel is also the Director of the Centre of Excellence in Energy Science & Technology at Shoolini University. 

Controlled Laser Heating System (CLHS): A New Take on Precision Heating 

The Controlled Laser Heating System (Patent No. 341090-001) brings a new level of control and efficiency to heating various materials. This system utilises multiple lasers, controlled electronically, to heat surfaces with remarkable precision. Unlike traditional high-voltage coil systems, CLHS operates on safe low-voltage and even has the flexibility to be powered by DC sources like solar panels. This makes it a versatile and eco-friendly solution for a range of applications. 

Portable Water Heating Solar Collector: Harnessing Sunlight, Anytime, Anywhere 

Another patented innovation, the Portable Water Heating Solar Collector (Patent No. 341089-001), provides a sustainable solution for hot water needs on the go. Its lightweight, transportable design incorporates aluminium concentrators and glass-enclosed receiver tubes to intensify solar heating. Capable of generating hot water temperatures ranging from 50 to 80 degrees Celsius, this invention is ideal for use in camping, hiking, and remote villages.

Sustainability as a guiding principle 

Both the CLHS and the Portable Water Heating Solar Collector align with the increasing societal focus on sustainable energy solutions. The CLHS is designed to operate without emitting pollutants, and its potential for solar power compatibility underscores its eco-friendly credentials. The Portable Water Heating Solar Collector, meanwhile, relies entirely on solar energy, championing sustainability in practical terms. 

Beyond academia: Innovations for the real world 

These technologies offer far-reaching implications, from laboratories to everyday homes to remote environments. The CLHS’s noiseless and pollution-free operation combined with its portability makes it a universal solution. On the other hand, the Portable Water Heating Solar Collector’s user-friendly design and solar-powered capability make it useful in varied settings, from outdoor adventures to off-grid locations.

Support for researchers at Shoolini University 

Shoolini University Chancellor and Founder Prof PK Khosla and Vice Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla played crucial roles in inspiring and streamlining the patent application process. Their involvement is a testament to the university’s strong commitment to fostering innovation and safeguarding intellectual property.

“While the path to developing these inventions wasn’t smooth, the team at Shoolini University persevered through extensive research and practical challenges. Their commitment to innovation has now yielded technologies that promise to make a tangible impact on society and our future, said Dr SS Chandel, Director of the Centre of Excellence in Energy Science & Technology. 

Additionally, he said, “With the Controlled Laser Heating System and the Portable Water Heating Solar Collector, we have taken significant steps towards a cleaner and more energy-efficient future. These innovations hold the potential to reshape industries and pave the way for a greener tomorrow.” 

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