Shoolini Celebrates Approval of New Seed Resilience Patent

Shoolini University, recognised as the No.1 Research University in the QS World University Rankings Asia, has become synonymous with pioneering innovation in just over a decade. Its exceptional track record in patent filings is a testament to this, with more than 1400 patents, each representing a unique discovery and inventive journey.

Among its notable achievements, the university recently celebrated the approval of its 46th patent, ‘A Doped Cobalt Zinc Ferrite Photocatalyst and its Process of Preparing the Same’. This patent is distinguished by its innovative approach to enhancing seed resilience against temperature variations, introducing a transformative technique in plant cultivation adaptable to diverse environmental conditions.

The invention, a collaborative effort by Garima Rana, Pooja Dhiman, Amit Kumar, and Gaurav Sharma from the School of Physics & Materials Science, introduces a ‘Doped Cobalt Zinc Ferrite Photocatalyst’. Notably effective in purifying organic wastewater by degrading methylene blue in just 60 minutes, it also features reusable and recoverable properties.

The Shoolini Intellectual Property Rights Office (SIPRO) has efficiently managed these patent filings. The swift approval of this seed resilience patent, filed in March and approved by November, emphasises the team’s effectiveness. SIPRO Director Dinesh Chatanta shared, “This milestone begins a new chapter. We’re focusing on commercialising these patents to transform our innovative ideas into real-world solutions.”

Beyond the numbers, this achievement highlights the university’s commitment to fostering students’ innovative potential. Shoolini University, adhering to its ‘One Patent, One Student’ policy, is grateful to all who contributed to this success.

This latest patent is a part of Shoolini University’s sustained commitment to excellence in research and innovation. It is also demonstrated by its 9 Centres of Excellence, covering diverse fields like nanotechnology, OMICS, and biodiversity research. With over 104 laboratories and government-funded grants, the university provides a fertile ground for cutting-edge exploration.

Shoolini’s contributions extend to the international stage, with its researchers listed among the world’s top 2% scientists by a list released by Stanford University. The impressive H index of > 115, the highest among universities established after 2009, showcases the quality of research undertaken at Shoolini.

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Shoolini Team
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