Shoolini Celebrates Approval of New Seed Resilience Patent

Shoolini University, recognised as the No.1 Research University in the QS World University Rankings Asia, has become synonymous with pioneering innovation in just over...

Researchers Make Waves with Publication in ‘Nature’ Journal

In a notable achievement for Shoolini University, Professor Deepak Kumar and his student Vivek Panwar from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, have authored a...

Shoolini Secures Patent for Dual-Use Energy System

Electricity is something many of us take for granted, especially in the bustling cities where it flows uninterrupted. However, for those living in regions...

Akarsh Sharma: From Shoolini Grad To Patent Star

A local innovator and recent graduate from Shoolini University, Akarsh Sharma has made headlines by filing 21 patents, 10 of which have already been...

Shoolini Secures New Patents in Tech & Energy

In a significant development, Shoolini University has recently been granted 25 utility patents and 223 industrial design patents by the Indian Patent Office. Till...

Shoolini Breaks New Ground with Student Research Council

Sept 1, Solan  In a move to ignite student-led innovation, Shoolini University recently unveiled its Student Research Council. Founded by Anitya Kumar Gupta and introduced...

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