Be Next-Gen Biotechnologist With B Tech Biotech Course in 2024 

Do you know India is among the top 12 global destinations for biotechnology and the third-largest destination for biotech advancements in the Asia Pacific region? 

The Indian biotechnology sector is experiencing significant growth, fueled by both increasing domestic and international demand. The increase in domestic demand is driven by initiatives like ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ and ‘Make in India’. Simultaneously, overseas demand for Indian vaccines and biopharmaceuticals is a result of the globally competitive efficacy of Indian products. 

In the ever-evolving field of biotechnology, the choice of an educational institution guides your professional path. If you are searching for a place where learning excellence meets endless possibilities, Shoolini University is the ideal destination and B Tech Biotechnology is the perfect course.  

In this blog, let us explore B Tech Biotech Course in 2024 at Shoolini.

Shoolini University: Pioneering Research 

Shoolini University is the first and the best Biotechnology University in India.  According to Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024 and QS World University Rankings 2024, Shoolini is the No.1 Private University in India. Adding to this, Shoolini is the highest patent filer in the country with more than 1300 patents filed by the students and the faculty. Also, QS World University Rankings Asia 2024 ranks Shoolini No.1 in India and No.5 in Asia in citations per paper.

With 104 state-of-the-art laboratories and 10 Centres of Excellence, Shoolini has a research-focused ecosystem to help students reach new heights of success nationally and globally. School of Biotechnology is an integral part of the curriculum to train students to become future scientists.

B Tech Biotechnology Course at Shoolini 

B Tech Biotechnology at Shoolini University is a unique, research-oriented degree program. It prepares students for global challenges in leading academic institutions and corporate R&D teams. It is a 4-year program that offers a research-focused ecosystem providing hands-on training experiences. 

The specialised program is designed to propel you towards global success in terms of research and innovation. The Faculty of Applied Sciences and Biotechnology at Shoolini boasts a team of world-class mentors and academicians with reputable research backgrounds. They help you gain practical knowledge through projects, internships and collaborative ventures. 

With a patent history of more than 1300 patents, Shoolini offers you a fully residential flagship program. The Undergrad Summit Research Program (SRP) offers you the chance to carry out research and file patents in the first year of your undergrad degree. Let us understand more about Shoolini’s SRP program. 

B Tech Biotech SRP Program 

For aspiring bioengineers, the SRP B Tech Biotech research program is a 4-year program where theoretical concepts meet real-world applications. The research-intensive curriculum equips students with lab-handling skills and writing quality research papers for high-impact journals, among other things. This helps them tackle complex biotechnology engineering challenges. 

From discovering innovative solutions to implementing cutting-edge technologies, SRP BTech Biotech students are immersed in a transformative experience that prepares them to be industry-ready innovators. This early involvement significantly enhances their chances of acquiring patents and publishing research papers. 

Why Choose the B Tech Biotech Course at Shoolini?  

School of Biotechnology being among the best colleges for biotech in India, makes Shoolini an ideal choice for B Tech Biotech course. The top-notch rankings, world-class faculty and modern advanced laboratories at Shoolini attract students from across the world. Adding to this, Shoolini has one of the cleanest campuses in India. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, you will discover a place where simplicity meets creativity, creating an extraordinary learning experience.

 Here are ten reasons why you should choose Shoolini for your BTech Biotech degree.   

  1. Research-Oriented Programs: Courses like B Tech Biotech (SRP) provide early research opportunities. It allows you personalised research guidance to file patents right from the first year.   
  2. Valuable Guidance & Mentorship: You can gain valuable practical knowledge by seeking guidance and support from PhD scholars and senior students. The faculty encourages you to file patents for your pioneering and innovative ideas. 
  3. Comprehensive Learning Environment: At Shoolini, you get hands-on learning through various research projects, internships and practical classes. You can get access to the advanced laboratories through your active participation. 
  4. One-Student One-Patent Norm: Through this unique norm of one-student one-patent, students get mentored to file patents in the first year itself. 
  5. Proven records of successful research: Shoolini University is actively involved in various research projects, contributing to advancements in healthcare and other fields. Several SRP students have achieved remarkable accomplishments, including multiple research papers and four to five patents by graduation.
  6. Broad Career Opportunities: B Tech Biotech graduates from Shoolini get jobs in pharmaceutical companies, KPOs, medical writing and clinical research agencies, and many more. 
  7. Commitment to Research: Shoolini’s commitment to research creates a stimulating environment for students to learn and grow.   
  8. Globally Recognised Programs: The biotech courses at Shoolini are recognised by the top institutions of the world. You can get internship opportunities in foreign countries, thanks to the global collaborations and tie-ups of Shoolini.   
  9. Focus on Innovation & Patent Development: Shoolini’s ecosystem encourages you to think creatively and develop novel ideas. You get commendable support in filing patents, publishing research papers and building a promising career.   
  10. Active and supportive Community: Shoolini University provides a supportive and inviting atmosphere where students can flourish. You can participate in various extracurricular activities and events such as Moksh, Manchtantra, LitFest, and more. There are more than 20 clubs on the campus that create well-rounded personalities. 

        Career after B Tech Biotechnology

        After pursuing B Tech Biotech from Shoolini University, you are sure to have a promising career in biotechnology. The best Biotechnology University in India offers amazing placement opportunities for biotech graduates. Shoolini biotech grads are placed in esteemed companies like Novartis, Panacea Biotech, Biogentek, Thermo Scientific and many more each year through B Tech Biotechnology placements.

        The dynamic research world offers many B Tech biotech jobs. Explore some career opportunities after the B Tech Biotech course.   

        • R&D Scientist  
        • New Process Development Officer   
        • Research Scientists in Institutions   
        • Professor   
        • Quality Assurance Manager   
        • Regulatory Affairs Officers   
        • Quality Control Head  
        • Scientific Research Fellow in R&D Institutions

        To know more, check out our web story on: Career Pathways in Biotech Industry

        Wrapping Up 

        The biotech sector is growing rapidly. It offers numerous possibilities and choosing the right course in the right institution is crucial for success. Shoolini University’s B Tech Biotechnology course in 2024 is one of the best programs in the country. It not only prepares you for the jobs of today but also prepares you to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

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