Meet the Next-Gen Biotechnologists: Ready to Conquer the World

In a world full of dreams and determination, four exceptional individuals emerge… ready to script their success stories. Meet Shubhang Jha, Aditya Misra, Aakash K, and Geetika Khattri, talented BTech Biotechnology graduates from Shoolini University who are now ready to revolutionise the landscape of biotechnology and shape a brighter future for humanity.

This is a journey of dreams coming true and the incredible potential of these exceptional students. At Shoolini University, they discovered their passion for biotechnology. Now, these bright minds stand at the peak of a transformative journey. Let’s learn about their inspiring stories and how they charted a successful path to global education through the sheer power of perseverance and dedication.

Aditya Misra

Aditya Misra, an SRP student, started his journey in 2019 when he sought the best Biotechnology University in India. This was when he discovered Shoolini University. Hailing from Delhi, he was captivated by the innovative learning environment and pleasant weather on the campus, nestled in the foothills of Kasauli Hills. He enrolled in the SRP program, and despite considering himself an average student, he found his true potential with the invaluable guidance of his professors. Through their mentorship and the advice of his seniors, Aditya learnt about the abundant opportunities offered by the reimagined Summit Research Program (SRP) at Shoolini. Encouraged by the support, he decided to apply to Johns Hopkins University in the US. His application was accepted for an MS in Biotechnology.

Reflecting upon his time at Shoolini, Aditya expressed, “Shoolini is an exceptional hub for research and nurtures future leaders. I am grateful to my professors for their consistent support and guidance throughout my journey.”

Akash K

Akash K, a BTech Biotech student from Tamil Nadu, followed his uncle’s advice and chose Shoolini University for its excellent research and biotechnology programs. He aspired to pursue his Master’s Degree in the US. Shoolini provided him with the perfect platform to fulfil his dreams and excel as a biotechnologist. In his 3rd year, Akash received a summer fellowship from the Indian Academy of Sciences. He interned at NIBMG, where he researched Oral Cancer Cells. This experience helped him secure a spot at the University of California, San Diego. He also received acceptance letters from New York University and Cornell University, but he decided to join the University of California. Reflecting on his time at Shoolini, Akash attributes his success to his guide and mentor, Dr Rupak Nagraik, and the faculty of the Bioengineering department. They supported his research interests and provided invaluable guidance. During his graduation, Akash published four research papers, with one currently under review. He states, “The Shoolini faculty of the Bioengineering department gave me the freedom to pursue research in my area of interest, guiding me through it. It would have been impossible for me to succeed without their support.”

Shubhang Jha

Shubhang Jha, a second-year student in the SRP program, has been selected for the Global Science Course Undergraduate Transfer Program in Chemistry at the University of Tokyo, Japan. He discovered Shoolini while searching for a safe place to study during the pandemic. Since both his parents are professors, they chose Shoolini as a suitable institution for him during the uncertain times. This marked the beginning of Shubhang’s journey from Nepal to Shoolini.

The SRP program, which allows students to engage in research from their undergraduate years, intrigued Shubhang. When he learned he could transfer to the University of Tokyo for a Master’s Degree after completing two years of study at Shoolini, his joy knew no bounds.

Shubhang headed to the Office of International Affairs (OIA) at Shoolini. Throughout the application process, the OIA provided him with invaluable support and guidance. Expressing his gratitude to his alma mater, he states, “Joining Shoolini was the best decision of my life.”

Geetika Khattri

Geetika Khattri, a brilliant student from Maharashtra, achieved an outstanding 98% in her 12th grade. One fine day, as she browsed the internet, Shoolini University popped on her screen. In awe, she exclaimed, “Wow, this place looks stunning!” Without wasting any time, Geetika and her mother packed their bags and visited Shoolini.

As they explored the campus, Geetika’s mother sensed the vibrant atmosphere and decided to entrust her daughter’s future to Shoolini. From that moment on, Geetika’s life took a dramatic turn, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Enamoured by the practical training at the advanced laboratories, Geetika resolved to pursue a career in biotechnology. Now, she has been accepted into the Master’s program at the prestigious University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom.

Expressing her gratitude, Geetika says, “I found my luck at Shoolini. The exceptional support of my faculty and the guidance from my seniors were invaluable. They helped me make the right career decisions when I felt lost.”

The inspiring journeys of Shubhang Jha, Aditya Misra, Aakash K, and Geetika Khattri showcase the incredible potential of the next generation of biotechnologists. These talented individuals found their passion for biotechnology at Shoolini University and transformed their dreams into reality through hard work and determination. We congratulate them and wish them luck in all future endeavours.

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