Shoolini University contributes Rs 5 lakh to CMs relief fund

Shoolini University has donated Rs. five lakh to the Himachal Pradesh Chief Ministers Relief Fund for those adversely affected by the outbreak of coronavirus.

The entire faculty and staff of the University, barring the daily paid workers, have contributed one days salary towards the Rs. five lakh fund.

The balance of the amount would be contributed by the Foundation for Life Sciences and Business Management (FLSBM), the Trust which runs the University.

Vice Chancellor Prof P K Khosla, while announcing the contribution, said that the University was open for any support that the state government may desire during these difficult times.

Prof Khosla said the University was already taking care of all the labour and daily paid workers who were employed on various projects and was providing them food and lodging free of cost.

In addition, he said, the University is taking care of about 200 students, including foreign students and those from far off states, who are staying back in hostels.

Special measures like yoga classes and skill development classes are being organised for them keeping social distancing in view.

Meanwhile, the University has introduced virtual classrooms for students and regular classes are being taken online with the help of Universitys own e-Univ system as well as other social media platforms.

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Shoolini Team
Shoolini Team
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