Shoolini Clubs: Where Passions Soar and Dreams Unite  

Shoolini University is an institution where education transcends textbooks and classrooms. Nestled in the embrace of nature, Shoolini is not just an institution but a home away from home, where every student gets a platform to embrace and celebrate his passion and hobbies.

With over 20+ vibrant clubs, Shoolini offers a sanctuary for every enthusiast, dreamer, and artist. Whether you sway to the rhythm of dance or seek the thrill of debate, these clubs are the heart and soul of campus life. Here, you’ll find a tapestry of like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds, uniting to share their passions and create unforgettable memories.

Beyond academics, Shoolini clubs are the catalysts for developing social skills and forging lifelong friendships. Even if you’re unsure of your hobbies, fear not! Shoolini clubs are the perfect platform to unearth hidden talents and ignite new interests.

So be a part of this delightful journey through the kaleidoscope of extracurriculars at Shoolini University. Make your university days truly unforgettable! Read on to know more about a few of them in detail.

Drishyam Photography Club is a vibrant community for photography enthusiasts to explore the art of capturing memorable moments through the lens. The club is for students who want to learn photography, share knowledge, and showcase their creativity through regular workshops, photo walks and competitions. It also encourages members to experiment with different photography styles and techniques. One can learn from experienced photographers, gain insights into photo editing, and participate in exhibitions that showcase their work to a wider audience.

RaagRang Music Club is a haven for music lovers. The club celebrates the beauty of melodies and rhythms while providing a nurturing space for budding musicians to flourish. Whether one is a seasoned instrumentalist, a vocalist, or simply passionate about music, RaagRang offers a variety of activities, including jam sessions, music workshops, and performances at campus events. Musical performances and nights at the university’s events are credited to members of the clubs. Aspiring members can look forward to honing their musical skills, collaborating with singers and instrumentalists, and finding a platform to showcase their talent.

Satrangi Strokes (Art and Craft Club) is a creative sanctuary for art enthusiasts. The talented club members often create murals and artwork on and around the campus. This includes religious festivals as well as university festivals. From painting and sketching to crafting and sculpting, Satrangi Strokes hosts interactive sessions, art exhibitions, and craft fairs to showcase the talents of its members. On Dussehra, they build effigies of Ravana and decorate the campus during popular events such as Moksh, Literature Fest, Halloween, and Prom Night at the university. Joining the club opens doors to a world of colourful expression, where members can learn new techniques, find inspiration, and form lasting friendships with fellow artists.

Young Communicators Club promotes meaningful conversations, debates, and diplomacy. The objective is to improve members’ public speaking, negotiation, and leadership skills through debates, Model United Nations (MUN) simulations, and panel discussions. The club offers a platform to budding writers who run a blog named Panorama 361°. The Young Communicators Club is looking forward to organising its second MUN this year, opening up various opportunities for members who can enhance their critical thinking abilities, develop confidence in articulating ideas, and gain a deeper understanding of global affairs and diplomacy.

Arcadia (Psychology Club) delves into the realm of human behaviour. The objective is to provide a platform for students interested in psychology to discuss, learn, and apply psychological principles in practical settings. Arcadia hosts interactive workshops, guest lectures, and awareness campaigns on mental health and well-being. They recently organised a session on Analysis of Dreams by Prof Anita Chauhan, or activities like Art Therapy, while also creating content that starts more conversations around mental health. Potential members can anticipate a supportive environment to explore various branches of psychology, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and contribute to initiatives that promote mental health awareness on campus.

Saksham Dance Club is a spirited community that celebrates the art of dance in all its forms. The club’s main objective is to provide a creative outlet for students passionate about dance, regardless of their skill level or background. With diverse dance styles, from classical and contemporary to hip-hop and folk, Saksham offers an inclusive space for members to express themselves through movement. Regular choreography workshops and practice sessions are organised within the club. The club also sets up informal dance jam sessions, weekend retreats or dance camps, and flash mob performances at unexpected locations on campus. Saksham Dance Club has organised dance battles and flash mobs independently, along with some events in collaboration with other clubs like Creators’ Fest, the much-awaited Moksh, and induction programmes. They welcome all with open arms, promoting a lively and encouraging atmosphere and a place to unwind while learning resilience and camaraderie among members and celebrating the joy of dance.

Shoolinians For You (Social Service Club) is driven by the passion to make a positive impact on society. Caring for the marginalised and vulnerable, SFY members visit orphanages, hospital patients, and old-age homes, spreading warmth and compassion. These interactions create profound connections and enrich the lives of volunteers and beneficiaries, fostering a sense of empathy and shared humanity.

The club’s primary objective is to engage students in community-driven initiatives that promote general awareness and contribute to improving the environment. Through regular clean-up drives, awareness campaigns, and community outreach programmes, Shoolinians For You empowers members to bring about change and advocate for social responsibility. SFY’s efforts transcend the campus boundaries, reaching out to wider communities through initiatives like plantation drives and collaborating with institutions such as IGMC Shimla (Hospital) to create a lasting impact. This club creates empathy and social consciousness among students.

Shoolini clubs and societies offer opportunities to explore, learn, and contribute to a diverse and dynamic campus community.

The Club Mela during the Induction and Orientation Program will showcase the highlights of every club. So, you can find your interest and be a part of any community you choose!

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