Shoolini adds to knowledge bank through Yogananda Webinar Guru Series

Daily Yogananda Webinar Guru Series shares the fascinating journey of some of the best brains of the nation from diverse fields through virtual interactions

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The daily Yogananda Webinar Guru Series, conceived to bring you some of the best brains from diverse fields through virtual interactions, has become a big draw. The webinars conducted through various online platforms, including YouTube Live, are getting hits even from those not associated with Shoolini University.

Among others during the past fortnight was a session with Sourabh Gupta, a well-known architect and designer who took the students through the fascinating journey of architecture and design, inspiring the audience to build a career in design.

Kunal Nandwani, CEO at Utrade Solutions and entrepreneur, gave valuable insights and effective tips on how to build a career. Rajendra Abhange, Chief Technology Officer at Gabriel, a global speaker, addressed enthusiastic future engineers of the department of engineering and technology, taking them through the history and evolution of automobiles, and the growing complexities and challenges in technology in the world of the automobile industry.

Vinay Kanchan, a brand storyteller, bestselling author, and innovation catalyst, shared that creativity needed witty, the wit of being creative, thus forming a pun word CREATI-WITTY. Wit, along with humour, can elevate ideas and infuse a sense of play in the thought process.

Namrata Joshi, noted film critic and cinema editor, The Hindu, discussed film criticism and film journalism in the time of COVID-19. She had an interesting conversation with Vikas Chandra, a Mumbai-based director, screenwriter and showrunner.

Subodh Kerkar, an artist, the founder of The Museum of Goa and a follower of Gandhian principles, narrated the story of Bapu through the lens of an artist, an idiom.

MR Madhavan, president, co-founder of PRS legislative research, a guru of legislature practices and policies, spoke extensively on the importance of Parliament reforms and highlighted some major reforms needed to make the key institution of democracy extra effective.

Anuj Sharma, CEO at Sportwizz Ltd, in his session, addressed the students curiosity, unfolding the sportive adventures, which most sports enthusiasts have in their minds.

Naveen Soni, senior vice president at Toyota Kirloskar Motors, revealed how big companies managed a crisis and worked towards nation-building. Beyond Corporate social responsibility, he spoke on what it took to provide for the larger cause of the economy.

Nandan Mishra, alumnus IIT Kanpur, founder of Algo8, Artificial Intelligence enthusiast and singer, took the audience on a fascinating journey of Artificial Intelligence through music. He spoke about the convergence of ragas with Artificial Intelligence.

All these Webinars can be viewed on Youtube –

Relevance of Shakespeare explained

Not just the daily webinars, students of various departments are also being exposed to experts from diverse fields during the period of lockdown so that they can make the most of the time.

The English Department of Shoolini University invited Dr Natasha W Vashisht to speak to the students on The Relevance of Shakespeare Today.?

Dr Vashisht, an Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Drama, University of Toronto, whose area of expertise is World Drama, said Shakespeare had travelled down the ages, across borders of time and space.

During her well-attended webinar, she focused on the undying popularity of Shakespeare and explained how there was something in his plays for everyone, even today.

In another such webinar for journalism students, well-known publisher Mr Sanjay Sethi explained the intricacies of publishing and the future of publishing in the modern era.

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