BA (Hons) in English

BA (Hons) English at Shoolini University is an extensively designed programme with a holistic approach. English is a diverse language as it provides multiple opportunities to the young aspirants who want to explore varied aspects of this global language through world literature, drama, novel and poetry.

Students learn to read widely, analyse and comprehend literature in various forms and genres, and are trained to use their skills analytically as well as creatively. This approach helps them hone their essential skills in critical thinking, expression and research.

The vibrant department is allied with other departments of English across the country and aims at establishing global networks. It organises literary programmes at the regional, national as well as international level, collaborating with national and global academic associations. 

The programme is taught by dynamic, conversant and devoted faculty members, who, with their innovative pedagogical approaches, encourage students to explore the nuances of the world, specifically Indian Literature, and its aspects such as poetry, prose, and others.


As a leading University of India, Shoolini University offers a highly specialised BA (Hons) English (3 years) degree. 

  • Headed by Prof Manju Jaidka, PhD from Panjab University, and a Postdoctoral Fulbright Fellow from Harvard and Yale
  • Provides in-depth knowledge of different genres of literature
  • Students get a chance to study a variety of issues related to contemporary English
  • Develops critical understanding of different literary works like Indian Classical Literature, British literature, Modern literature, Post- Colonial Literature, etc.
  • Provides high-level industry exposure by organising literary programmes at regional, national and international levels 
  • On-campus 24X7 Yogananda library with EBSCO access

Career Opportunities

A degree in English prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities in the various academic and information sectors, corporate sector and organisations

  • Public Relations & Advertising 
  • Language Expert & Translation Services
  • Marketing / Strategic Communication 
  • Media Services & Event Management.
  • Editorial and Content Development 
  • Journalism – Print and Electronic
  • Theatre, Media and Entertainment Business
  • English Language and Literature Researchers
  • Civil Services
  • Writer and Publisher
  • Bloggers/ Critics/ Reviewers

Key Areas of Research

Literary Criticism | Contemporary Literature | Feminism | Poetry | Narratology | Indian Writing in English | World Literatures in English | Film Studies| Teaching| Research


Meet The Faculty

Our globally acclaimed dynamic, conversant and devoted faculty members prepare students for varied future career options with their innovative pedagogical approaches. The faculty experts are from the academia as well as industry who are seasoned scholars with doctorates, postdocs from reputed universities in India and abroad.


The course curriculum is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of contemporary literary aspects across the globe. Students will study literature in numerous arrangements and genres which includes English Grammar and Literary Terms along with the detailed study of English Prose English Drama, Poetry, Novel, Classical Literature, Modern Poetry and Drama, Twentieth-Century Indian Writing, English Poetry from 14th to 18th Century, etc.

Course Information

10+2 (in any stream) with minimum 55% marks

Admission Criteria
SAT or Shoolini University's multiple choice entrance test

4 years

Semester Fee
₹ 75000
* One-time refundable security fee of Rs. 10,000

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