Sarthak Thakur Races to Victory with Gold Medal

Sarthak Thakur, a BBA student at Shoolini University won a Gold Medal in the 1500m and secured the second spot in the 5000m Marathon at the National Championship (2024-2025).  The marathon was organised by the School Games and Activity Development Foundation in Delhi during the second week of February 2024. 

Sharing his journey in athletics, Sarthak expresses, “My love story with athletics began with a simple motivation — to follow my passion for running. And this is what I did, despite the perceived limitations in sports careers.” As an NCC student at Shoolini University, he adds, “Balancing preparations for the SSC exam with my athletic pursuits, my passion for running has driven me to participate in competitions at various levels, ranging from district to national tournaments.”

When asked about his training regimen for the Delhi marathon, Sarthak explained, “I started training at home, hitting the roads early in the morning to improve my skills and build stamina.” His dedication to independent training reflects his self-discipline and determination to succeed in athletics. 

Reflecting on his performance in the Delhi marathon, Sarthak expressed his joy and satisfaction at winning the Gold Medal and securing his place in the esteemed Indo-Nepal Marathon.

Sarthak attributes the National Cadet Corps (NCC) for playing a crucial role in his athletic journey. By engaging in NCC activities, he gained valuable insights into his strengths and weaknesses, inspiring him to constantly strive for improvement in his athletic pursuits. 

Looking forward, Sarthak has set ambitious long-term goals in athletics, aspiring to maintain his excellence in his chosen sport and potentially represent his country on the international stage.

For aspiring athletes, especially those who want to excel in running events, Sarthak has some valuable advice: “Stay focused, work hard, and never lose sight of your goals. With determination and perseverance, anything is possible.” 

As Sarthak continues to pursue his dreams, he is an inspiration for prospective athletes everywhere. 

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