Opinion Divided Over Indo-Pak Cricket Ties


Cricket is the most favourite sport played across the two neighbouring nations of India and Pakistan. Rising tensions between the two countries have once again raised the question Should India play cricket with Pakistan? Here is what a cross section of students of Shoolini University had to say:

Ritika (B.Tech CSE, Semester 2)

Yes, India should play cricket with Pakistan. Dont you think, it will give us immense pleasure to see our men in blue crushing our most notorious enemies on cricket field? They deserve defeat on the battle ground as well as on the green ground. If governments of both the countries allow then there is no issue of playing with each other. Other advantage in playing with Pakistan is that Indias ICC ranking will improve because it is next to impossible for Pakistan to beat India.

Vishal Kainthla (MBA Quad 3)

The set of people who want to continue cricketing ties with Pakistan are those who are more concerned with their commercial interests than the national feelings. One expected Sachin Tendulkar, who holds an honorary rank of Group Captain in Indian Air Force, to show solidarity with the soldiers rather than talking about two-point loss. By asserting that the sporting ties can improve relations between the two countries is all deceptive talks. It is a smokescreen to justify their demand to make money under the euphemism of sporting ties.

Paras Tudhial (B.Com, Semester 2)

India should not play cricket with a country like Pakistan who is responsible for terror attacks in our country. Our army patrolling on border areas put their own lives at risk to make sure that we all are safe in our homes. One needs to think what if our soldiers decline to secure our borders and say that they dont have any personal problem with Pakistan. We should stand with our army and should not continue any relationship with Pakistan until Pakistan stops terrorism.

Mani Sharma (B.Sc. Yoga Semester 2)

India shouldnt. Sports and games are played with friends and are meant for entertainment but with our soldiers dying at the border and our nation being at a constant war like scenario with Pakistan no sport should be played with it. India has already stopped playing bilateral series with Pakistan. Its only in the ICC trophies these two countries play as there should be a single winner for the competition.

Advocating the idea of isolating Pakistan and at the same time keeping relations with them ranging from sports to entertainment industry is paradoxical and is an insult to the memory of Indian soldiers who lost their lives at the hands of that countrys army.

Raman Chandel (MBA Quad 3)

Playing cricket with a country whose avowed aim is to destroy India can never be justified. Soldiers dedication to duty, loyalty to the nation and willingness for the supreme sacrifice are driven less by material considerations and more by an overwhelming urge to earn love and respect of their countrymen. However, they feel betrayed when the same countrymen want to shake hands and play cricket with the perpetrators of carnages, simply because the World Cup with associated earnings is far more important to them than the tears of martyrs widows and orphans.

Aniket Singha ( B. Tech Civil Engineering Semester 2)

I firmly believe that Cricket is a game and it should be kept away from politics. Indo-Pak cricket rivalry fills everyones heart with passion and happiness. About 1.2 Billion people watched the Champions Trophy 2017 final only because India and Pakistan played against each other in an ICC final after 30 years. India vs Pakistan is a moment where we unite and connect with each other and it is so big that it can make or break tournaments.

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