International Student: A leap of faith from Zambia

For David Chanson of Zambia, fate intervened as early as his 10th grade, leading him to discover Shoolini University. David’s discovery was a fortunate coincidence. While browsing the internet, he learned that some of the best students and medicines come from India. Upon stumbling across an advertisement for Shoolini University on Facebook, he decided to take a leap of faith and enrol.

As an international student, David anticipated that adjusting to a new culture and educational system might pose challenges. However, he embraced the opportunity to immerse himself in vibrant Indian culture. In his hometown, he had only heard about the festival of Holi, but it was in India that he experienced the joy of celebrating it firsthand. He was fascinated by the colours, people, and cultural significance behind festivals like Republic Day and Diwali. Adjusting to a new culture and educational differences proved challenging and provided a unique learning experience.

While the educational system at Shoolini University differed from what he was familiar with in Zambia, David saw it as an opportunity for growth. His hometown’s examination system was sectional-based, unlike the approach at Shoolini. David realised that attendance played a significant role in maintaining discipline and impacting exam scores. Despite these differences, he approached the challenges with determination and a positive attitude, overcoming them one step at a time.

Navigating his college experience as an international student, David found support in the International Office, facilitating his journey. The professors also played a pivotal role in his academic growth, offering their support and guidance whenever he needed it. David found comfort in his classmates, who stood by him during challenging assignments and lent a helping hand whenever he felt overwhelmed.

He cherished the rewarding experiences that left an indelible mark on his heart. Among the countless memories, Holi stood out as a beautiful experience. But it wasn’t just the festivals that made his journey remarkable. David explored places like Manali and Chandigarh, unravelling the beauty of India. Interacting with people from diverse backgrounds, witnessing their different cultures, and embracing the warmth and love showered upon him left an unforgettable impression.

Throughout his time at Shoolini University, his friend Kabilan, an Indian student, became his greatest support, helping him navigate the academic system throughout his journey.

David initially faced language barriers, making communication and learning difficult, but spending eight months in India made him mentally strong and determined. He focused on learning more and overcoming these challenges.

As his journey continued, he realised that studying abroad was not just about gaining an education but also about expanding his horizons and achieving life’s goals through unforgettable experiences.

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Shoolini Team
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