Shoolini Partners with iHub Anubhuti – IIIT Delhi for Academics & Skills

Solan, July 26

In a momentous step towards fostering innovation, skill development, and academic excellence, Shoolini University and iHub Anubhuti- IIIT Delhi University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This landmark agreement marks the beginning of a collaborative journey aimed at empowering professionals, promoting cutting-edge research, and transforming visionary student projects into reality.

The MoU includes Skill Development Programmes. These will be designed and conducted for faculty and students to enhance knowledge and skills in emerging areas. Such development programmes help prepare a diverse group of professionals for future challenges.

Other features of the agreement include promoting high-quality research to develop innovative solutions and management tools, addressing critical areas of public and community interest in India, and driving real societal change.

Shoolini University and iHub Anubhuti- IIIT Delhi University are poised to lead the charge in innovation and collaboration, empowering a new generation of professionals to make a lasting difference in the world, said Shoolini University Chancellor Prof PK Khosla.

Pro Chancellor Vishal Anand said the MoU outlines an ambitious scope of cooperation that encompasses a wide range of initiatives, all focused on complementarity, synergies, and mutual benefit. The key areas of collaboration are set to revolutionise education, research, and innovation in India, leading to societal impact and sustainable development.

Vice Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla said, “We are thrilled to join hands with iHub Anubhuti- IIIT Delhi University to embark on a journey of innovation and collaboration. This partnership represents a significant milestone in the landscape of higher education and research in India. Together, we aim to nurture a culture of creativity, problem-solving, and entrepreneurship among our students and faculty.”

Both institutions share a vision of driving meaningful change through research, technology, and education. The agreement sets the stage for future collaborations that will create a positive impact on society, addressing current and future challenges with ingenuity and creativity.

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Shoolini Team
Shoolini Team
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