National Workshop Tackles Drug Discovery Challenges 

Shoolini University, in collaboration with Fortis Hospital, recently hosted a national workshop titled ‘Bridging Preclinical and Clinical Research in Drug Discovery’. This event aimed to equip participants with the essential knowledge and tools to bridge the gap between preclinical and clinical research.

The workshop began with a welcome address by Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Dean Prof Deepak N Kapoor. He highlighted the critical disconnect between the preclinical and clinical stages of drug discovery. Following this, Prof Rohit Goyal introduced Shoolini University’s research facilities, emphasising their significant contributions to sustainable development goals, energy conservation, and agronomy.

Associate Professor Lalit Sharma welcomed the delegates, providing an overview of the upcoming sessions. He emphasised the importance of seamlessly connecting preclinical and clinical studies.

A key highlight of the workshop was the unveiling of ‘TechBook’, a quick guide to animal handling and behavioural tests. The guide was introduced by delegates including Prof Nirmal Singh from Punjabi University, Patiala, Shoolini University Founder Chancellor Prof PK Khosla, and Prof Deepak N Kapoor. Prof Khosla shared inspiring life stories, stressing the importance of coming prepared to class and the inspiration behind establishing a research-focused university.

Prof Nirmal Singh delivered a compelling keynote address on ‘Ethics in Experiments in Animals’. He discussed historical outbreaks that led to the development of essential guidelines and regulations in animal ethics and highlighted the crucial role of animal studies in drug discovery, such as vaccines for TB and polio.

In an online session, Prof SS Sharma, Head of Pharmacology at NIPER, Mohali, addressed the ‘Translational Challenges in CNS Drug Discovery’. He explained the drug development journey from initial target selection to clinical trials and therapeutics, adding that about 85% of drugs never reach the market due to safety concerns. The session was moderated by Shoolini University Dean of Research and Development Prof Sourabh Kulshreshtha and Associate Professor Parveen Verma.

The day concluded with a practical session on toxicity studies according to OECD guidelines, followed by a demonstration of ongoing research models for asthma, addiction, and inflammation in animals.

Around 80 participants, including researchers, students, and pharmaceutical professionals, attended the workshop. They explored strategies for effectively translating promising preclinical findings into successful clinical trials, making the event a significant step towards advancing drug discovery research.

May 8, 2024

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