Global Minds Meet at Applied AI Conference

Shoolini University recently hosted a three-day International Conference on ‘Applied Artificial Intelligence’ (AAI) from 2nd to 4th July. Organised by the Yogananda School of AI, Computers, and Data Science, the event brought together a diverse array of distinguished speakers and experts from around the world. They gathered at the university’s APJ Hall and AR/VR Lab to share invaluable insights into the transformative power of AI across various fields, promoting an environment of innovation and collaboration.

The inaugural session was presided over by Prof Virender Rihani, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Advisor at Shoolini University, along with Founder Chancellor Prof PK Khosla, Vice Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla, and Pro Chancellor Vishal Anand.

The Applied AI Conference featured five captivating keynote sessions covering topics such as Cyber Safety and Security, Urban AI and Sustainable Cities, AI’s Power for Autism Spectrum Disorder, AI-Driven Discoveries, and AI’s Application in Healthcare, particularly Mental Health.

Day 1: From Cybersecurity to Smart Cities

The first day began with a keynote by Prof Manju Khari from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, on ‘Sensitisation Towards Cyber Safety and Security.’ She emphasised the importance of cybersecurity in the context of social media and AI, offering valuable tips on protecting against cybercrime.

Next, Prof Balamurugan Balusamy, Associate Dean at the Shiv Nadar Institute of Eminence, discussed ‘Urban AI and Informatics for Sustainable Cities, Villages, and Society.’ He examined the challenges and opportunities in AI-driven urban transformation, using examples from cities like Dubai and Singapore, and highlighted AI’s role in healthcare and smart city features.

After these thought-provoking sessions, attendees enjoyed lunch, followed by two technical sessions.

Day 2: Harnessing AI for Autism and Beyond

The second day commenced with a keynote by Prof Rahul Katarya from the Delhi Technological University on ‘Unlocking the Power of AI For Autism Spectrum Disorder.’ He discussed the significance of AI in healthcare, especially in the early detection and management of autism spectrum disorder.

The day continued with two technical sessions and a keynote by Prof Rajesh Kumar, who shared his team’s achievements in utilising AI for various applications and discoveries. Another technical session concluded the day’s events.

Day 3: Advancing Mental Health with AI & Final Thoughts

The final day featured a keynote by Niladri Chatterjee from IIT Delhi on ‘AI in Healthcare: Case Study on Mental Health.’ He discussed the role of deep learning in addressing mental health issues like sleep apnea and depression, emphasising the importance of distinguishing between depression, suicide, and happiness.

During the closing ceremony, Prof PK Khosla congratulated the participants and highlighted the significance of AI in the modern era. Prof Ravinder Hegadi, the General Chair, delivered the closing remarks and helped distribute certificates.

The 3-day International Conference on ‘Applied Artificial Intelligence’ was a resounding success, highlighting Shoolini University’s commitment to nurturing innovation and advancing knowledge in AI.

July 4, 2024

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