Need For Public Places For Kids To Play Emphasised


Vivek Mohan, a National Film Award winner, who has also been Natonal Jury twice in Indian Panorama of International Film Fest of Goa, has said governments must provide enough space for children to play, particularly in hill areas.

Vivek, who hails from Shimla and is based in Mumbai, depicted the plight of children through a docudrama Shivaji Park of Shimla to underline his point. The 22 minute film depicted children playing in the only available open and level space in Shimla – the Ridge.

Delivering a Guru Talk at Shoolini University, he said there was an urgent need to provide open spaces in parks and playgrounds to give children an alternate creative activity to keep them away from mobiles and nefarious activities at this tender age.

He related the Ridge to the famous Shivaji Park in Mumbai. The Ridge witnesses and hosts all kinds of political, religious and social activities except allowing kids to play for few hours at least even on Sundays.

He said the documentary made an impact with the government which began opening up parks and other spaces for the children to play.

He said he evolved a comprehensive strategy to sensitise the government as the film alone could not have made the impact. He started a social media campaign and also spread his word through the mainstream media.

He went nostalgic about his experience of playing cricket with a ball made with socks. He said “if we do not provide playgrounds and open spaces to the children, they will only play on mobile inside the room. If you want to hear chirping of birds, you have to go outside”.

Vivek Mohan told students to be patient in life as nothing can be achieved overnight. He further added, “Whether you are writer, painter or singer or in whatever profession, you have to be sensitive to the society. You can’t create until you feel pain.

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