Nargis – An Exchange Student Who Stayed Back


    Nargis Qadri, a student from Afghanistan pursuing MBA at Shoolini University, says she came on a student exchange programme for 4 months and it was then that she decided to pursue her MBA from here.

    She liked the environment, calmness, people and the way of teaching here. She further adds that it was her father who supported her throughout and encouraged her to come to India.

    When asked about her hobbies, she said that her hobbies include playing basketball and listening to songs. Besides this, she loves listening to Hindi songs. Arijit Singh and Armaan Malik are her two favourite singers. She loves cooking and misses Afghani food sometimes. Cooking makes her joyful and provides relief from stress.

    When asked about her wishes she said she wants to open a school for orphans and provide them with a good education. She feels education is a basic necessity in one’s life and everyone must be able to acquire it regardless of financial sources.

    There are some days when she feels homesick but then she spends time with her native country friends and goes out to explore new places. She is fond of seeing and trying new things every day.

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    In the university, Namrata, Sejal and Radhika are some of her best friends. Regarding faculty, she said Dr Nitin Gupta is a very co-operative teacher and has helped her throughout her studies. Talking about taking up a job she said her first preference would be to get a job in India and work here for some time.

    Nargis misses her family but she is able to talk to them on a daily basis. She has recommended her siblings to study in Shoolini University and pointed out that her brother might come to pursue BBA from here in the next few months.

    She doesn’t understand Hindi and has difficulty communicating in English as well but with time she has started understanding English a bit.

    Overall she says she is easy to get along with and makes friends easily and is good at creativity. She also shared that she loves to travel. She has visited Ajmer Fort in Rajasthan and loved the culture, serene beauty and royalty of that place. She is looking forward to visit more such places in India.

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