Drawing Is A Language: Artist Sanjay Singh


Artist Sanjay Singh at Shoolini University with Mr Vipin Pubby in Radio Shoolini
Mr. Sanjay Singh, an artist, caricaturist, and a Columnist with Mr. Vipin Pubby, HOD, Deptt of Journalism and Mass Comm

Based on his rich and wide experience in sketching and caricatures, Patna-based eminent artist Sanjay Singh shared tips on how one can excel in the art with students of Shoolini University at a workshop organised on the campus on November23.

While speaking to students, he said that drawing is a language where you transfer your inner self with its consuming thoughts of inspiration and imagination. The art of drawing reflects a depth of expression and thus becomes another form of communication, he added.

He discussed how and why key elements and principles of art is used by artist to create meaning. He said wherever he visits any place, he makes sketches on the spot. He told students how drawing is divided in different partssuch as by measurement, axis, eye and movement, etc.

He then took students to Open Air Theatre and taught them how sketching is done and what skills are required. His work was spontaneous and technically perfect artwork. It was a great experience overall. His advice for budding artist is to work hard and stay inspired.

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