Aim at Excellence, Says Arun Shourie

Aman Kumar

Never chase money as someone else will always be richer than you. Never chase fame as someone else will be more famous than you, but if you aim at excellence money will come and adequate fame will come. Noted Economist, Journalist and former union Minister Arun Shourie said while delivering Guru Talk here at Shoolini University on October 6.

He was addressing the audience in the Yogananda Guru Series colloquium, a regular event at the University for all the students and faculty members of the university. Arun Shourie who is one of the tallest among Indian Journalists, has been a Minister of the Indian cabinet under PM Vajpayee and most importantly is a mesmerizing speaker and great author. He shared some valuable life lessons and success mantras with the audience.

He started on an interesting note when he told the students that he is one of the three editors in India who have been dismissed and the only one dismissed twice and they should learn from this that there is life after dismissal.

Lauding the efforts of Dr PK Khosla, Vice Chancellor, Shoolini University, he said, one man can make a difference as was evident from Dr. Khosla who has set up an institute that developed at such a fast pace in a short span of time. He said that it was his vision and determination of setting up an institute which could provide the best of facilities and environment to students for a next level learning process that he accomplished his goal.

I am happy to learn Biotechnology is one of the key faculties here as it is a discipline of the future, which binds me to the university, he said. Excel in your subject and you must also fight for ideology of excellence in our society which is an important and difficult task. We must become messengers of ideology of excellence, he added.

Shourie said, In your life pick up one social issue that does not concern you anymore but an average citizen of the country. If you want to be truly selfless, help someone who cannot do anything for you in return.

His talk was followed by a Q&A session in which students asked him about the economy of the country and other issues of national interest. Vice Chancellor Dr Khosla thanked Arun Shourie for the visit and for giving an illuminating lecture.

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