B Design

Eligibility: 10+2 (in any stream) with minimum 55% marks

  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Admission Criteria: Assessment of Portfolio and Faculty Interaction

Eligibility : 10+2 (in any stream) with minimum 55% marks

  • Duration : 4 Years
  • Admission Criteria : Assessment of Portfolio and Faculty Interaction

Bachelor of Design or B Des course at Shoolini University is a four-year degree program that treats design as a language. Design is everywhere — With this premise, we focus on human-centric and nature-centric design that can be implemented into an idea or product. Shoolini students are nurtured as creative minds to become outstanding innovators and researchers passionate about creating a difference in society.

Driven by practical modules, this 4-year undergraduate degree helps students find creative job roles in several industries – biotech, IT, software development, technology manufacturers and more.

Being one of the best B Des colleges in India, Shoolini focuses on nature-based Design, commonly known as Biomimicry or taking design ideas from nature. The School of Design at Shoolini University is headed by Prof Amit Ray, who started the Design School at IIT Kanpur.  

So, get admission in BDes degree program at Shoolini University, which is UGC Approved and NAAC Accredited.



  • Product Design
  • Visual Communication Design
  • UX/UI Design 
  • Immersive Media Design


Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of B Design, the students will be able to:

  • Explore job opportunities across industries as Design is an applied field that can be implemented across various functions. Companies have recognised the potential of design and its ability to enhance production and productivity. 
  • It gives students a lot of flexiblity of working on multidiscilinary platforms and explore their creative side. Design activity revolves around Creativity, Logic and Aesthetics. 


Key Highlights 

  • School is headed by industry veteran Amit Ray
  • Cutting-edge program with Shoolini’s QS I-Gauge E-LEAD certified “India’s Best Online Platforms”
  • Coursera on Campus for new-age certifications


Design, Discuss, Create, Innovate

Three floors for 2D design, brainstorming ideas, collaborative projects, plus a Fabrication Lab for hands-on tech exploration.

Faculty of the Future

Led by Prof Amit Ray, initiator of IIT Kanpur's Design School, with star faculty Shilpa Ranade (Adjunct Prof) from IIT Bombay's IDC.

Focus on Biomimicry

The program focuses on nature-inspired design, or Biomimicry, aiming to explore the marvels of the natural world and human innovation.

B Design Career Opportunities

    • Graphic Designer
    • Design Managers
    • Textile Designer
    • Teachers
    • Interior Designer Entrepreneur
    • Animation Sector
    • Product Designer
    • User Experience (UX) Designer
    • Jewelry Design
    • Furniture Design
    • Industrial Design

Student Voices

Tanvir Sethi

Sushrita Chakraborty



Top Campus Recruiters

Some of the major companies that visit our campus and hire our graduates are:

Frequently Asked Questions

The School of Design at Shoolini University is headed by Prof Amit Ray, former HoD, Design Department, IIT Kanpur, former HoD, Design Dept. Shiv Nadar University & former Adjunct Professor at Charles Sturt University, Australia.

This degree prepares graduates for jobs in different domains such as Product Design, Visual Communication- Animation, Graphic Design, Design Managing, UI/UX Designing and understanding Nature-centric Design through Biomimicry- Design Paradigm. The program focuses on Innovation and Creativity approach.

We have a nature-centric Design Program at Shoolini with IBM collaboration for Design Thinking.

Design discipline is built on continuous hands-on training through studio and lab training. We offer a wide range of interdisciplinary research programs and innovation-driven applied fields. We follow a transdisciplinary, nature-centric approach to design with a multi-disciplinary & liberal research environment. We focus is on nature-based problem-solving design solutions and needs and issues relevant to the 21st century. Students are exposed to the industry for professional training (Internship) along with academic research orientation.

Our fully functional and proactive Placement Cell has tie-ups with various industry giants who visit the Shoolini campus during Placement week for on-the-spot Placements. Our 'Mission 130' aims at 100 per cent employability of students with 30 per cent in top companies.

Yes, we have a strong alumni network. Shoolini Alumni Association organises Alumni Meet every year, where alumni from across the world get together to share knowledge and expertise with current students. We also invite notable alumni for expert talks.

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