Fun and Learning at Theatre Workshop


A two-day theatre workshop conducted by Ankur Saxena, a Yavanikan from Yavanika Theatre Society, National School of Drama in the University campus, proved to be a fun and learning exercise. It was a comprehensive workshop that covered physical body movements, voice connection, working with objects, props and sound.

The participants got to learn how to move the upper part of body while keeping the lower part still and vice versa. They were also assigned with a task of writing a poem and recite it in front of everyone present so as to boost their confidence and to overcome anxiety. Saxena said, Physical warm-up is very essential so as to keep focus on what you are doing and experiencing.

On being asked about the future of theatres from the perspective of electronic and social media influence he said, Theatre is an institution at the heart of world cultures for millennia. It now confronts unmatched challenges in a rapidly evolving society.

He added that, electronic and digital technologies have spawned an array of media, from 3D movies to crowd sourced videos like YouTube to smartphones to compete with stage. He along with his team would be analysing theatre productions with respect to theatre genres with electronic and social media.

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