BookmyExams is the Vibe: Shoolini is a Trendsetter

Shubh Rana

The Academic Council of Shoolini University has decided to modify the examination system from the current semester. Now on, Term-I, II and III examinations, previously known as end-term examinations, will be organised through online mode under an AI-based Proctored solution. Students can use their personal laptops or the University’s IT lab. Questions will be presented randomly from the question bank. Use of mobile phones and unfair means is strictly prohibited. The system would work through Artificial Intelligence and students violating the rules would be given three warnings after which the system would be switched off. Term I exams are scheduled from September 20, for which students can book their exam slot under ‘Book My Exam’ on MyShoolini app. Class schedule will remain functional throughout the exam period.

Participation in each of the evaluations, such as assignments, quizzes, seminars, practicals, projects, AI, etc., including term exams, as specified by the subject in charge is a must for each student to complete assessments under a total of 100 marks. The Schools of Pharmacy/Agriculture/Law will follow a different system as laid down by the regulators of the respective council and employ relevant IT tools, wherever applicable.

Candidates must remember that a student can be detained if he/she is unable to hit the 75% mandatory attendance mark before the conduct of every term exam. The paper will be in MCQ format and/or have subjective questions from a question bank as accorded by the subject in charge. The exam will not be reconducted in any case.

The IT team will provide detailed directions, training, help and support to students and faculty. Students are requested to keep themselves updated with the MyShoolini Dashboard.
Shoolini University has developed a futuristic approach for the holistic development of its students. It will not only test their knowledge and intelligence but also their memory. Classes will continue during the exams. Exams should not be a burden but a part of the learning process.

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