What Top Employers Expect from B Tech CSE DevOps Graduates

DevOps plays a crucial role in today’s fast-paced growing world of technology. There has been a growing demand for individuals skilled in both software engineering and operational efficiency.

A DevOps Engineer is someone who merges software development and IT operations to enhance an organisation’s development cycle. They streamline processes, automate tasks, and boost collaboration between teams to ensure faster, more reliable software delivery. Their role revolves around creating and maintaining an infrastructure where code can be developed, tested, and released rapidly, reliably, and in a scalable manner.

DevOps engineers typically bridge the gap between software developers, quality assurance (QA) teams, and system operators. They work to automate and streamline the processes involved in building, deploying, and managing applications.

B Tech CSE DevOps graduates are in high demand. Companies want DevOps engineer skills for efficient software development and deployment. Let’s delve into the specific attributes that a company needs in a CSE DevOps.

What are Companies Seeking in DevOps Engineers? 

Are you wondering about the skills that companies are looking for in DevOps engineers! Let’s uncover the must-have qualities that make DevOps professionals indispensable in today’s tech-driven world.

  1. Technical Proficiency – Companies prioritise candidates with a robust technical skill set. Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Java, or Ruby is often a baseline requirement. Moreover, familiarity with key DevOps tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, and Git plays a pivotal role. A solid understanding of automation, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, and infrastructure as code (IaC) concepts is highly valued.
  2. Comprehensive DevOps Knowledge – Beyond technical skills, companies seek graduates who deeply understand the DevOps culture and methodologies. This includes an awareness of collaboration, communication, and integration between development and operations teams. Knowledge of Agile practices, including iterative development, is often a plus point.
  3. Cloud Computing Expertise – Given the shift towards cloud-based solutions, familiarity with cloud computing platforms like AWS (Amazon Web Services), Azure, or Google Cloud Platform is highly desirable. Professionals who can handle these platforms for scalable and efficient deployment are in high demand.
  4. Problem-solving and Adaptability  – DevOps environments are dynamic and fast-paced, demanding professionals who are efficient in solving complex problems. The ability to adapt to new technologies and frameworks swiftly is highly priced. Companies look for individuals who can navigate challenges with a proactive and adaptable mindset.
  5. Strong Communication and Collaboration Skills – Effective communication and collaboration skills are a must. DevOps involves close cooperation between different teams. Graduates who can articulate ideas, collaborate seamlessly across teams, and convey technical information are highly valued assets for companies.
  6. Continuous Learning and Improvement – The technology landscape evolves rapidly. Employers seek graduates who display a passion for continuous learning and improvement. Being up to date with emerging technologies and trends demonstrates a proactive approach that aligns with the dynamic nature of DevOps.
  7. Team Player Mentality – The ability to work in a team-oriented environment is a fundamental requirement. DevOps is inherently collaborative, requiring individuals who can work cohesively within cross-functional teams to achieve common objectives.

The Role of CSE Specialisations in DevOps Careers

B Tech CSE courses offer many specialisations. These specialisations can provide a deeper understanding of specific facets of technology. Specialisations in areas like cloud computing, cybersecurity, or data science can complement DevOps engineer skills, making them more attractive to companies seeking multifaceted professionals. 

The fusion of specialised Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) domains with DevOps creates a dynamic landscape for future careers. DevOps, thriving on collaboration and efficiency, benefits from CSE specialisations like cloud computing, cybersecurity, and data science. A focus on cloud computing empowers DevOps engineers to design scalable infrastructure, while cybersecurity expertise ensures fortified software against threats.

Computer science and engineering merged with DevOps boost innovation and adaptability. This blend amplifies collaboration and shapes a future where hybrid expertise defines tech careers.

Why B Tech CSE DevOps Course at Shoolini is the Best

B Tech CSE DevOps at Shoolini

The choice of the right course influences a graduate’s readiness for the industry. Many institutions offer specialisation courses like B Tech CSE. Let us learn more about the reasons why Shoolini’s B Tech CSE DevOps course is the best.  

  • Top Rankings: Shoolini University is the No.1 Engineering University in India, as per the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2024. Additionally, QS World University Rankings 2024 ranks Shoolini as the No.1 Private University in India.  
  • Valuable Collaborations: The engineering and B Tech specialisation programs at Shoolini are supported by tech giants like Microsoft, AWS Academy and more. In collaboration with IBM, students gain access to the latest technology platforms. They can earn certifications in a total of 180 professional modules, covering all core specialisations of engineering.  
  • Tech-Oriented Curriculum: The Yogananda School of AI, Computers, and Data Science is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Shoolini provides a comprehensive platform that intersects artificial intelligence, computer science, and data science. With a forward-thinking curriculum, the school facilitates hands-on learning, industry-aligned education, and exposure to emerging technologies.  
  • Solid Skillful Foundation: B Tech CSE DevOps is a gateway to the ever-evolving tech world, offering a solid foundation for those aspiring to innovate and excel in computer science and engineering. This program helps engineering grads develop core skills in cutting-edge DevOps technologies. 
  • World-Class Faculty: Shoolini has experienced and well-qualified teachers as faculty members. Most are doctorates in their respective fields and are actively involved in research and patents. Apart from this, students have regular interactions with industry experts, visiting professors and Professors of Practice.  
  • Top Industry Roles: Shoolini prepares students for various industry roles like blockchain developer, IoT architect, blockchain solution architect, legal consultant, UX designer, blockchain quality engineer and many more.   
  • Hands-on Training: DevOps grads get hands-on training experiences through internships, workshops and practical sessions. They are trained in the latest project management tools.  
  • Lucrative Placements: Shoolini University has a dedicated and proactive Placement Cell that organises regular campus recruitment drives. Big companies like Tech Mahindra, TCS, Infosys, LT, Videocon, Havells, Microtek, etc., hire our students.


Technical proficiency is an important tool in a DevOps Engineer’s toolkit. Companies seek professionals who can navigate the complexities of software development and deployment with efficiency, innovation, and adaptability. Choosing the best DevOps course plays a pivotal role in preparing graduates for industry demands. 

For B Tech CSE graduates looking for DevOps career, it’s essential to focus on technical prowess, soft skills and adaptability. However, it’s not just technical prowess that sets apart a DevOps professional. Effective communication and the ability to work seamlessly within cross-functional teams are equally imperative, reflecting the collaborative essence of DevOps.

Shoolini University excels in education and industry partnerships, offering a dynamic curriculum that aligns with tech advancements. The Yogananda School of AI, Computers, and Data Science at Shoolini University serves as an incubator for future tech leaders, fostering hands-on learning, industry connections, and exposure to emerging technologies.

The mix of technical skills, teamwork, specialised knowledge, and a good education sets up aspiring DevOps engineers for success. It’s a dynamic blend of skills, expertise, and a forward-thinking approach that propels individuals for an impactful DevOps career.

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