Trailblazer! Botany Prof travels with nomads to research plants

Dr Radha gathered medicinal plants and studied them for the presence of phytochemicals, which can be used to treat cancer, cold, fever, migraine, asthma. "The...

Best of Both Worlds: Updating the Chemical Process to Remove Organic Pollutants from Water

Scientists developed a novel and highly efficient system for treating phenolic water pollutants by coupling oxidation and photocatalysis Organic water pollutants such as phenols affect...

Ray of hope for neonatal health

Sepsis is a life-threatening illness which refers to a systemic (body-wide) infection accompanied by inflammation. Newborn infants are extremely vulnerable to it, given their na?ve and under-developed immune system  especially in the first four weeks of the neonatal period.

Waking Nightmare: Disturbed Circadian Rhythm May be Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease

A recent study conducted by researchers at Shoolini University, India, finds that disturbed circadian rhythm can disrupt normal physiological functions and cause hyperactivity, anxiety,...

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