Pilot phase of Ve-coaching programme concludes

Solan, July 26

The pilot phase of the VE-Coaching programme run under the guidance of Shoolini University Vice Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla concluded with emphasis on the power of collaboration.

Thanking the coaches for giving back to the community and to the students, Prof Atul Khosla said shared learnings that would make the young generation and the world step into a successful future.

Ms Payal Jindal Khanna, Senior Coach at Shoolini University, said the coaching programme aimed at achieving the broader mission and vision of the institution in helping students discover their true potential. She said the action plan at the university under this project was to adopt a strategic and comprehensive approach to enable personal and professional development in the lives of students.

International coach Ms Nellie Cabane expressed her views about the VE-Coaching Programme and said it would greatly benefit the students.

The response from the 22 empaneled coaches was encouraging. Through the entire four months starting from April, the partnership between them and the university flowed seamlessly, truly reflecting the spirit of building humanistic bonds of friendship. Amazing testimonials were shared by the students, both before and during the pilot phase.

Prof Kuldeep Rojhe, Director MBA and PG Programme, delivered the Vote of Thanks to all attendees. He said the coaching programme left a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of students.

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Shoolini Team
Shoolini Team
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