11 Students to Go To Korea, Taiwan And UK This Year


Shoolini University, in cooperation with partner organisations in various countries, has been organising joint programmes to promote international scientific collaboration. So far 50 students have been a part of this foreign exchange programme. This year the university is expecting 5 foreign exchange students and sending out 11 students to Korea, Taiwan and UK.

Shoolini University has established ties and friendly relations across various other countries including Korea, United States, Afghanistan etc. The students and faculty both have the opportunities to join the same.

The Office of International Affairs handles the cooperative activities between Shoolini University and foreign universities and institutes, including creating partnerships, facilitating student and faculty exchanges, and organising joint research collaboration.

Shoolini University helps its students to get higher study opportunities in foreign universities. Shoolini representatives also regularly travel abroad for more international collaboration and to review its existing collaboration with partners abroad.

This year Shoolini has three students from Afghanistan namely Ahmed Walled, Paryana Tahiri, Raisa Saboori for MTech CSE and two students from China. Two students from Shoolini University, Tanya and Pragati are going to the University of Arkansas, USA. Three students, Deepika, Deeksha and Shaina are visiting Gachon University, South Korea.

Two students, Jashjeet Singh Dhupia and Akhil Sharma are going to Inha University. Two students, Abhinav and Ikshiva Rojhe are going to Sichuan University. Two students, Hardika Sharma and Chaitanya Modgill are going to Taiwan.

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Shoolini Team
Shoolini Team
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