7 Lucrative Careers After Pursuing BA (Hons) in Liberal Arts

In today’s ever-changing landscape, it’s not enough to excel in just one subject — interdisciplinary education and cross-functional skills are equally important. We are well aware of the fact that the extent, scope, and pace of the challenges and opportunities we face in this century are entirely different from those of the past.

There is a growing need for adapting to change as a result of increased automation, climate change, and artificial intelligence. Hence, A broad-based education gives you a deeper understanding of the world and provides a better foundation for a lifetime of employment changes.

India’s economy is very diverse, so young minds need to learn how to work with individuals despite of their gender, caste, race, religion, or class. With a degree in Liberal arts, you will grow up to be a valuable employee, a good citizen, and a “multi-skilled” human.

What is BA (Hons) in Liberal Arts?

BA (Hons) in Liberal Arts degree is a multidisciplinary system of education that allows students to study various subjects, including English, History, Political Science, Philosophy, etc. They can also focus on one subject during this program. It gives you the flexibility to design your degree.

The program is enormously diverse in that it allows you to combine research and academic-focused programs in various fields of Economics, Public Relations, Archaeology, Advertising, Public Policy, Sociology, Training & HR, Psychology, International Relations, Academics, Social Work, Civil Services, Journalism/Media/Mass Communication, Corporate Communications, Research and Writing & many more.

The goal of the program is to produce problem solvers, critical thinkers, and responsible members of society by providing students with an educational experience that equips them to cope with change, variety, and complexity.

Why study BA (Hons) in Liberal Arts?

With the valuable skills and knowledge that you master during the Liberal Arts degree program, you move closer to finding a career that you are extremely passionate about. This puts many doubts to rest as you study an eclectic mix of your favoured subjects during your program.

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Take a look at its major benefits:

  • A BA in Liberal Arts helps you to be ready for uncertainty in your career. It opens doors for many different jobs, and if one doesn’t work out, you can switch to another. A liberal arts degree has stood the test of time because critical thinking and solving problems are always useful.
  • You learn and enhance soft skills. With a Liberal Arts degree, you get better at writing, public speaking, giving presentations, working in groups, and being creative.
  • A BA in Liberal Arts helps you become more analytical and critical. One common aspect of a liberal arts education is learning how to think critically and analyse.
  • The program also enhances your cultural understanding as it involves interdisciplinary studies of subjects like sociology, cultural anthropology, philosophy, international studies, and so on.
  • With a liberal arts degree, you can choose many different careers, such as journalism, public relations, writing, law, politics, linguistics, publishing, social work, psychology, management, public policy, civil services, marketing, and a lot more.
  • The program helps you to be an outstanding leader: A Liberal Arts degree doesn’t just help you lead in politics. It also helps you lead teams in the business world by creating, collaborating, inspiring, and coming up with new ideas.
  • Prepares you for a master’s degree: A BA in Liberal Arts broadens your thinking and analytical skills, giving you a better understanding through practical learning and more research. All of these are needed to go to college, so Liberal Arts are a great way to prepare for your future studies.

Let’s hop on to the top career options that are available to choose from after pursuing BA in Liberal Arts.

Careers after pursuing BA in Liberal Arts

With a degree in the liberal arts, you’ll stand out in every field, be it academics, journalism, communication, advertising, public relations, writing, marketing, law, human resources, and international relations if you can think critically, analyse a situation in depth, and solve problems. Liberal arts majors have a wide variety of job options available to them, including the ones listed below.

Social media manager

Social media managers are in charge of a company’s or brand’s presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The job role requires them to be good writers and editors to make sure that the copy they write represents the brand and is free from errors. Usually, they are also in charge of coming up with new social campaigns and scheduling posts.

Customer Representative

The prime responsibility of a customer service representative is to make the customer’s experience better. The job expects you to interact with customers for orders, deal with problems and complaints, and provide information about products or services.

Event planner

Event planners are in charge of making sure that events are successful.  Whether they work for a company or on their own as consultants. They often work with the key people in a company to figure out what the main goals of an event will be, find and book venues, hire vendors, and make sure all the other logistics are in place.


An editor’s main job is to review and edit written content like news articles, books, and blog posts before they are published. Editors can work for publications that deal in print or online. They are an important part of refining and making a brand’s voice, as well as making sure that any content that is published is error-free. Many editors also work as team leaders, which means they hire and train new writers and help the team come up with new ideas and meet content needs.


A journalist researches investigate and report all the newsworthy information to the public. Journalists write articles about politics, business, and other current events that educate and inform the public. They also hold people and organisations with power accountable for their actions.

PR Specialist

A Public Relations specialist is in charge of an organisation’s reputation and implementing public relations strategies for their clients. These professionals build relationships with the media to maintain the goodwill of a brand and try to keep negative news about the brand to a minimum.

Management Consultant

Management consultants are responsible for evaluating and providing solutions to improve the management of an organization. Management consultants use their strong business and leadership skills to figure out what a business needs in terms of management. They will then make suggestions for training or hiring to help the business reach its goals.

Study BA (Hons) in Liberal Arts from Top 200 Global University

Chitrakoot School of Liberal Arts, Shoolini University, is located in the tranquil Kasauli hills, providing a clean and green campus for young students who get to study in the lap of nature.

The School offers highly interdisciplinary undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in varied subjects like English, Hindi, Psychology, History, Political Science, Yoga, etc., which come under the rubric of Liberal Arts.

The unique ‘Belletristic’ literary society is what sets Shoolini’s Liberal Arts program apart from others. Through events like international conferences, webinars, book releases, and book debates, society aims to foster a culture where reading and discussing books is enjoyed by people all over the world. Additionally, the society spearheaded Himachal’s first-ever Literature Festival.

Chitrakoot School Of Liberal Arts is headed by Prof Manju Jaidka, a scholar with an international profile, who has held assignments and prestigious fellowships in Europe and America.

The expert faculty members inculcate critical thinking among students and train them to actively analyse the problems and possibilities they might encounter in their lives.

Through International Exchange Programs, students get opportunities to study on scholarships in countries like China, South Korea, and Italy. This allows them to explore and experience new cultures, which is essential to making a mark in the international business environment.

At Shoolini, one gets a chance to learn from industry leaders and celebrities during various events, sessions, and fests organised by the university. Celebrities from different industries interact and share their knowledge and wisdom with the students via inspiring sessions like Ideas that Matter and Yogananda Guru Series.

Right after you finish your degree at this top Liberal Arts school, graduates are picked up by leading companies on lucrative pay packages. The Placement Cell at the university guides and assists students throughout the placement process.

After completing the BA Liberal Arts program at Shoolini University, students also have the option to continue their studies and earn a Master of Arts, Bachelor of Education, Master of Business Administration, etc.

Join Shoolini and learn how to achieve your goals!

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