Two Shoolini Univ scientists among top five in India

Solan, July 7

In the latest rankings of SciVal research, the top international agency, two Shoolini univ scientists, Dr Pardeep Singh and Dr Pankaj Raizada have been placed at the third and fifth place in India with a total number of 67 papers and 2193 citations.

In the worldwide rankings, Dr Pardeep holds the 241st position and Dr Pankaj Raizada has been placed at the 259th rank.

Elsevier group owned SciVal research tool provides access to the research performance of over 20,400 research institutions and their associated researchers, from 234 nations worldwide, based on the number of publications, citations and Field Weight Citation Index (FWCI). 

As per SciVal Data from 2016-2021, the research topic Photocatalyst has emerged as a prominent research area in Shoolini University with 110 papers and an FWCI of 4.23. The photocatalytic process uses light and chemical compounds called catalysts to remove pollutants from water, air, and soil. It can remove most of the pollutants without any toxic effects. These methods are cheap and have no toxic effects on the environment. 

At Shoolini University, the Photocatalyst Research group is working actively to discover new catalysts. This group is working in collaboration with Prof Vijay Thakur (UK), Prof Van-Huy Nguyen (Vietnam), Prof Quyet Van Le Vietnam) and Dr Aftab Aslam Parwaz Khan ( Saudi Arabia). The Photocatalyst group is mentored by the Shoolini University Chancellor, Prof PK Khosla, Vice-Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla, and Dean Academics, Prof Sunil Puri. 

Prof. Pardeep is Head of the School of Advanced Chemical Sciences, Shoolini University. He is in the top 2 per cent scientists list ranked by Stanford University. He has been awarded the DST- Fast Track Young Scientist Award (2013) and Vice-Chancellor Young Academician Award (2019). Dr Pankaj Raizada is Associate Professor at Shoolini University. Her specialised area is Inorganic Chemistry. She is a Young Scientist Awardee under the Department of Science and Technology with New Delhi with a Fast Track Project and HIMCOSTE, funded Project from the HP Council for Science Technology and Environment, Shimla. She has been positioned in the Top 2 per cent in the Single Year Category by Stanford University World Ranking, 2020.

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