Shoolini University, established in 2009, is recognised both nationally and internationally for pioneering education and research. The university has consistently been lauded for exceptional contributions in various fields, from scientific research to sustainable practices. 

Each award and accolade is a milestone in Shoolini's journey towards setting new standards in the educational landscape. They reflect the university's unwavering commitment to nurturing future leaders, innovators, and thinkers who will contribute significantly to society. 

As we showcase these honours, they reflect not just the university's past achievements but also its ongoing commitment to excellence and its vision for the future. Shoolini University continues to stride forward, building on its legacy of achievements and shaping a brighter future for its students and the broader community.


Since inception, we have achieved multiple successes:






Times Higher Education (THE) 

World University Ranking

  1. No.1 Private University in India
  2. 501-600 Global Rank
  3. No.1 in India for
  4. Research Quality
  5. International Outlook 
  6. 100 marks in the sub-parameter of Research Strength (FWCI ranking at 75th percentile for all publications) 

Quacquarelli Symonds (QS)

World University Rankings 2024 


  1. No.1 Private University in India (Joint)
  2. 771-780 Global Rank
  3. No. 20th in India among all institutions
  4. No.5 in India for International Faculty 
  5. Citations per Faculty
  6. No.1 among private universities
  7. No. 16 among all institutions
  8. Employer Reputation
  9. No.5 among private universities
  10. No. 15 among all institutions


Times Higher Education (THE) 

Subject Rankings 2024 

  1. No. 1 Private University of India for Engineering, Physical Sciences & Life Sciences 
  2. 301-400 globally both in Physical Sciences and Life Sciences 
  3. 401-500 Global Rank in Engineering 


Quacquarelli Symonds (QS)

World University Rankings Asia 2024 




  1. No.213 in Asia, 21st in India (Overall) 
  2. No.5 in Citations Per Paper in Asia, 1st in India 
  3. No.6 in Employer Reputation among Private Universities of India 
  4. No.7 in International Faculty in India 


Quacquarelli Symonds (QS)

Sustainability Rankings 2024  


  1. No.579 Globally (Overall), 142nd in Asia, 14th in India, No.4 Private in India 
  2. No.112 Globally in Environmental Sustainability, 5th in India 
  3. No.280 Globally in Knowledge Exchange, 12th in India 
  4. No.400 Globally in Environmental Impact, 12th in India 
  5. No.415 Globally in Governance, 11th in India 
  6. No.754 Globally in Environmental Research, 11th in India 
  7. No.804 Globally in Health & Wellbeing, 14th in India 
  8. No.831 Globally in Equality, 5th in India 
  9. No.864 globally in Environmental Education, 35th in India 
  10. No.961 globally in Social Impact, 17th in India 


QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024 
  1. Environmental Sciences: #401-450 rank globally & No.1 Private University in India
  2. Chemistry: #551-600 globally & No.5 among private Indian universities
  3. Biological Sciences: #601-650 rank globally, #5 among private universities in India





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