‘The World Shall Soon Be Full Of Sophias’


Students should be ready for jobs that dont even exist yet. Leadership is a critical and a non-negotiable skill in the 21st century. Leadership is the ability to inspire and the students should read about different leaders and their unique leadership styles. Students should also read about the various unconventional leadership styles too.

Students must keep an eye on all the trends in the fields of Technology, automation and augmented intelligence. The need of the hour is continuous learning through informal ways of learning, networking and mentoring to survive and succeed in respective careers.

Prof. Dipra Jha, Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA, who has a long experience of working in the Hotel Management industry in different parts of the world made these remarks while delivering a Guru Talk in Shoolini University on the subject of future proofing a career.

 He also expressed his delight to see the photographs of Steve Jobs in the campus. He described Jobs as a horrible boss but an exceptional transformative leader having a cult following. Next, he talked about the concepts of emotional intelligence and Neuro-Marketing and the need to connect to people emotionally. Towards the end, he discussed various technological advances that have happened recently, which were just an imagination a few years back.

He joked that very soon our co-workers might be Sophias, referring to the possibilities of humans being replaced by the robots. Sophia is a social humanoid robot, who became the first robot to receive citizenship of any country as she became a Saudi Arabian citizen. Talking about the future and where the world is heading, he said, Its scary but so be it. I shall embrace the change I cannot control rather than being scared of it.

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Shoolini Team
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