Students Get Career-Ready With SPRINT 

Shoolini University recently concluded its Stanford-inspired SPRINT program, held intermittently from April 18 to May 9 at the Solan Auditorium. Themed ‘Nurturing Future-Ready Talent’, the event bridged the gap between academic learning and real-world skills, engaging students from various undergraduate courses. 

Shoolini University Chief Learning Officer Dr Ashoo Khosla said the aim was to make the SPRINT experience more hands-on, engaging, and relevant for students. She announced that SPRINT would soon be integrated into the new School of Skills, an initiative to prepare students for the job market with domain-specific skills.

The session began with interview preparation led by Shoolini University President and Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer Ashish Khosla, who shared crucial tips and strategies for acing job interviews. This was followed by hands-on mock interview practice sessions with experienced professionals, including Dean of Student Welfare Poonam Nanda and Assistant Professor Shard. They provided students with real-time feedback and improvement tips. 

In a unique twist, Dr Ashoo Khosla offered insights on alternative recruitment methods beyond traditional placements, opening new avenues for students to explore job opportunities. Additionally, Yogananda School of Spirituality and Happiness Director Saamdu Chetri guided participants through a meditation session, emphasising the importance of mental well-being to achieve professional success. 

A highlight of the program was a panel discussion featuring industry experts such as entrepreneur and IT professional Vinay Bansal, UpGrad Academic Partnership Manager Mansavi Pal, NIPER scientist Ravindra Kaundal. They discussed current job trends and the evolving demands of the IT, management, and life sciences industries, offering invaluable perspectives on career development. 

The program also included a workshop on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality assessment. This session helped students understand how different personality types approached the job search and identified which careers aligned best with their profiles. 

The SPRINT program introduced several new initiatives this year: 

Self-Discovery and Transformation 

First-year students engaged in reflective activities using the popular book ’Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ and the movie ’All India Rank’. These resources help students gain profound insights into their capabilities and aspirations, supporting their transformation. 


The theme for second-year students was entrepreneurship. This year, the program featured ’The Perfect Pitch’, a business pitch competition where students developed and presented their business ideas to a panel of judges, including prominent figures from the entrepreneurial and academic community. This event created a spirit of innovation and practical business skills among the participants. 

Getting Ready for the Real World 

The program prepares students nearing graduation for real-world challenges. This included screening the award-winning animation film ‘Gopi Gawayia Bagha Bajaiya’, which explores creativity and collaboration. The session also featured an interaction with the film’s music director, Narayan Parasuram, who gave students unique perspectives on creative thinking. 

Shoolini University continues to lead innovative educational initiatives to equip students with essential skills for future success in the face of evolving technologies and competitive job markets. The university’s SPRINT program, inspired by Stanford’s mini-MBA, is an Accelerated Development Program and credit course that combines academic studies with career goals, enhancing students’ overall capabilities. The program includes educational and social activities, comprehensive subject sessions, and targeted coaching in relevant areas. Also, regular interaction with industry experts gives students exposure and insights into the corporate sector’s requirements.


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