Shoolinis Scientist Aims to Enhance Use & Management of Natural Energy Sources

Shoolini University scientist and associate professor Dr. Amit Kumar has achieved a coveted h-index of 50 for his research in Chemical Sciences and Nanotechnology. His scientific production encompasses 124 research papers with total citations of 6000 to his credit.

Kumar is ranked among the Worlds top 2% scientists as per a paper published at Stanford University in 2020. He has diverse research collaborations in the Instituto de Cat?lisis y Petroleoqu?mica (Spain), King Saud University (Saudi Arabia), Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (China) and Universidad Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil).

Currently teaching at the School of Advanced Chemical Sciences, Kumar is also co-director at the International Research Centre of Nanotechnology for Himalayan Sustainability (IRCNHS) at Shoolini University. Along with that, he is a visiting Professor at School of Technology, Glocal University and visiting faculty at Department of Chemistry and Physics, University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Kumar focuses on research in the fields of optical designing of semiconductor heterojunctions as catalysts for environmental remediation and energy production. with this work, he aims to work towards waste management, cost effective waste-to-energy conversion, greenhouse gases conversion into fuels, and advanced green photocatalytic water treatment. He aims to focus on lab-scale experiments to enable pilot-scale projects to be able to achieve water detoxification and clean energy production in real-water systems and conditions.

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