Learning Experience At Bon Monastery


A batch of Bhartiya Sanskriti Open Elective visited Bon monastery at Dolanji, located at a distance of 12 kilometres from the University campus, as part of their syllabus.

The Bon Monastery, one of the main tourist attractions in the Solan district, is an offshoot of the Menri monastery which is the second oldest monastery in the world.

The group met the head monk of the monastery who explained the basic tenets of Buddhism. Although Buddhism originated in India, it reached Tibet through a Monk from Nalanda whose name was Padmasambhav. The Monk said that they are similar to followers of Mahayan panth of Buddhas but they worship their holy God who was born before Buddha.

The Monk also pointed out that Bon tenets are somewhat similar to Hindu rituals and deities. For instance Bon have Kali Mata, whom they call Sijal. They also believe in Yamaraj who is known as the God of death. They have Swastik symbol everywhere in the temple.

The monastery has a huge library where lots of books are available and meditation lessons are also given. Bon Monastery has its own in-built system and institution of education which goes on till PhD.

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