Shoolini University Launches IEEE Student Branch

Delivering on its commitment to empowering future innovators and technologists, Shoolini University recently inaugurated The Shoolini University IEEE Student Branch. Top industry experts, professors, and enthusiastic students attended the ceremony. Daman Dev Sood, Chair of the PR&P Standing Committee from IEEE Delhi Section, shared fascinating facts about IEEE, a trusted global organisation for engineering and technology.

In his keynote address, Sood highlighted that IEEE boasts over 427,000 members from 190+ countries, with 64% of its members located outside the United States. The organisation comprises 145,000+ student members, encompassing 39 technical societies and seven technical councils. ‘The Shoolini University IEEE Student Branch’ is the new addition to the network of student branches worldwide.

Shoolini University Chancellor, Prof PK Khosla, commended the university’s excellence in research and emphasised its commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering a research-driven environment for students and faculty.

Prof Ashish Khosla, Director of Innovation and Learning at Shoolini University and a former student member of IEEE, emphasised the abundant prospects that arise from participating in the IEEE community. He highlighted the transformative potential of generative AI, extended reality, and quantum computing, which are at the forefront of technological advancements.

Acknowledging the efforts of the students and faculty, Daman Dev Sood expressed his appreciation, stating, “The establishment of the IEEE Student Branch is just the beginning of an exciting journey. The Section Execom is fully committed to supporting and assisting the growth of the Shoolini University IEEE Student Branch.”

Leading the success of the IEEE Student Branch is Anitya Kumar Gupta, who spearheaded its establishment. Gupta envisions the branch as a catalyst for undergraduate students to become proficient researchers and contribute to innovative solutions. He aims to develop leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills among the students and plans to establish the Student Research Committee.

This launch signifies a significant milestone in Shoolini University’s dedication to empowering future innovators and technologists. Through the IEEE Student Branch, the university aims to create a thriving community that drives advancements across various disciplines.

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