Shoolini Stars Accepted Into Top Global Varsities

Shoolini stars continue to blaze trails of success. Year after year, students from diverse backgrounds and fields make their mark internationally by securing acceptance into some of the world’s most prestigious universities while pursuing their undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Shoolini University.   

This year, Prathama Das, Rithika Chunduri, and Tanveen Kaur have set themselves apart. These outstanding students exemplify the university’s commitment to nurturing talent, cultivating a culture of achievement, and emphasising the integral role of research in our academic ethos. 

Let us read aloud the remarkable journeys of these Shoolini stars.   

From Shoolini to Europe: Prathama Accepted into Multiple Master’s Programs  

Prathama Das, a final year B Tech Biotech SRP student at Shoolini University has been accepted into multiple master’s programs across Europe. She has received acceptance offers from the Erasmus Mundus Master’s program ‘Be in Precision Medicine’, spanning the Universitat de Barcelona in Spain, University of Naples Federico II in Italy, and Université Grenoble Alpes in France. Additionally, she has been accepted into the Joint Master’s Program offered by Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and Stockholm University in Sweden for Molecular Techniques in Life Science, as well as into the University of Glasgow in Scotland for MSc Precision Medicine (Cancer Specialism) and MSc in Cancer Research and Precision Oncology.   

Her fascination with Biotechnology began at the age of 12, and it flourished during her undergraduate years at Shoolini University. She cultivated a strong passion for bioinformatics, computational biology, and structural biology along her academic journey as an SRP student and looks forward to studying research that integrates these domains.   

Prathama’s SRP mentor, Prof Deepak Kumar, motivated her to pursue diverse research opportunities, including publishing review articles and working as a CHANAKYA UG fellow in his lab. Grateful to her mentor, she said, “Deepak Sir helped me build a strong research profile and encouraged me to apply for master’s programs. I always wanted to join top global universities known for excellent research facilities and an international environment for groundbreaking research.”  

After a thorough enquiry, she developed a strong understanding of the application process and identified programs that aligned with her research goals. Additionally, she networked with professionals proficient in her selected fields through LinkedIn. Associate Professor Rupak Nagraik and Assistant Professor Avinash Sharma provided her with letters of recommendation. They guided her along with Dean Research Prof Saurabh Kulshretha, Prof Dinesh Kumar Chattanta, and Prof Sabrina Chen.   

Overflowing with joy and excitement, Prathama has a difficult but happy choice — which one of the prestigious institutions to choose?  

Rithika Chunduri Accepted to Prestigious UK Universities for MSc Programs  

The final year B Tech Biotechnology SRP student at Shoolini, Rithika Chunduri, has successfully secured admissions to two esteemed UK universities. She has a stellar academic record and a passion for neuroscience.   

Rithika’s academic journey has been remarkable. She has been selected for MSc Neuroscience program at Kings College London and MSc Brain Science program at the University of Glasgow. Additionally, her academic prowess earned her an offer from Radboud University (top 250 globally by QS and top 150 by THE), Netherlands, for MSc in Biomedical Sciences with a specialisation in Neuroscience.  

Previously, she went for an internship in Taiwan and a summer internship at Caltech, USA. Grateful for her success, Rithika acknowledged the guidance and support of her mentor at Shoolini University.  

With her admissions to prestigious universities in the UK and the Netherlands, Rithika is ready to start a new chapter of academic and personal growth. Her achievements reflect her hard work, determination, and the support system provided by Shoolini University.  

Tanveen Kaur Receives Fully Funded PhD from Iowa State University  

Tanveen Kaur, an alumnus of the MSc Biotechnology program at Shoolini, has received her offer letter for a fully funded PhD program in Biochemistry from IOWA State University, USA. She always dreamt of doing a PhD from the USA. Balancing her academic pursuits, Tanveen freelanced to support her family. She is an inspiration for every student.   

End Note   

Nestled in the serene landscape, Shoolini University offers students a research-focused and growth-oriented curriculum. The remarkable achievements of Prathama Das, Rithika Chunduri, and Tanveen Kaur highlight the university’s dedication to nurturing brilliance. With advanced infrastructure, research laboratories, and world-class faculty, Shoolini continues to empower students to shine on the world stage.  

Shoolini stands by our academic stars and eagerly looks forward to more outstanding achievements.

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Yashi Sharma
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