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Priyasi Parmar  

Shoolini University has initiated a unique set of daily live webinars, under Yogananda Webinar Guru Series, aimed at bringing experts and professionals to share their experiences with the students and faculty of the University. The webinars are telecast live on various social media platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube.

All those watching and listening can interact with the guest speakers in real-time. The series began with Dr Dinesh Singh, former VC, Delhi University talking about Unleashing the Power of the Web”. He explained how webinars had unlocked pedagogies by utilising the online platform as a medium of learning and exploring. He also underlined transdisciplinary and interconnected knowledge.

Mr Vivek Atray, a former IAS officer, author and TEDx speaker, spoke about success and its goodwill. Talking about enhancing various life skills that contribute to the making of a successful person, he focused on 3 big C’s: Calmness, Creativity and Communication.?

Mr Pawan Jha, a Hindi film music aficionado and researcher, explored the rich heritage of Hindi film music and made an interesting presentation on the evolution of music in the Hindi film industry. He highlighted trendsetters and how these drastically shaped music and musicians.

Mr Yashodeep Deodhar, creator of 21 Notes Valmikis Ramayan, former consultant with McKinsey and a successful owner of Derrick Petroleum Services in the global oil and gas industry, delivered his lecture on the relevance of Valmikis Ramayan. He focussed on how Indian epics  The Ramayan and The Mahabharata  also engraved in the caves of Ajanta and Ellora, are a tribute to perfect human behaviour.

Mr Anirban Bhattacharya, an accomplished vocalist and musician mentored by none other than gurus like Pandit Ajay Chakrabarty and Pandit Birju Maharaj, spoke on the intricacies of music (raga) and its composition. He referred to some great Hindi films like Sur Sangam and Amar Prem which had a strong presence of Ragas in their songs. 

Mr Bobby D’Souza, a motivational speaker, addressed the audience on “Minds of the Strong. He gave tips on how to develop a mind strong enough to cope with adversity. In essence, his talk was about his perception of analysing bad news, augmenting resilience and preparing oneself to battle fear by maintaining calmness. Mainly focusing on one’s control over the mind, he added: Go through the crisis without letting a crisis go through you.

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