Dinesh Singh on Unleashing the Power of the Web

The important aspect is getting people to learn about how to learn, as learning is a lifelong process which never ends.

Dinesh Singh is former Vice Chancellor of Delhi University, an inspirational speaker, Padma Shri, and a brilliant academician and internationally acclaimed mathematician. Choosing the topic, Unleashing the Power of the Web, he began the Yogananda Guru Webinar Series by projecting the ambition of unlocking pedagogies and by utilising the online platform as a medium of learning and exploring.

Why did he choose such a topic? Because, he said, We all seek and look for Gurus in our lives. He wonders what exactly it means to find a great Guru and why he considers the Internet as the best Guru. All the power that it holds within reminds him of the sort of Guru we would all aspire to have.

Talking about the concept, he explained his thought process. There is no Guru who can just give us enlightenment, a true Guru no matter who he/she is, can show us the way, sometimes inspire us, but the hard work has to come from each one of us and the Guru wont do the hard work for us, he elaborated. Internet is a big platform, one has to make the effort to be worthy of it and strive hard to be worthy of it, as it will reward us just as a true Guru would.

He suggested that people should try and approach the net, the web, the technology with a positive frame of vibe and with a sense of humility. We must use it cleverly and very judiciously. A search engine with the right key words will offer us everything, exactly in the same way we must use our sense of abilities to realise what it has to offer us in good or bad way to find an exact medium and source for pursuing our learning process.

Dinesh emphasized the concept of learning, how one must learn, and learning as a life-long process. Quoting Ghalib, the great poet, he said, Jana ki kuch na jana wo bhi ek umr mein (Accept that we will never learn everything there is to learn in one lifetime).

He shared the best use of Internet by giving examples on how he gathered information about something specific by entering the exact words into the search engines and relying on authentic sources.

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